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Newark Spreads Festive Cheer with Launch of Annual Winter Games

Participants can access fun games with great weekly prizes and exclusive discounts from leading suppliers including Vishay, Rohde & Schwarz, TE Connectivity and more until January 31, 2021.

Chicago – December 16, 2020: Newark, an Avnet Company and global distributor of electronic components, products and solutions, has announced the opening of its Winter Games competition, giving customers access to exclusive weekly offers from market leading suppliers and fun online games with great prizes. Participants have the chance to win products from Newark’s private label brand, Multicomp Pro, as well as the Winter Games grand prizes, a Raspberry Pi 4 Starter Kit in black and white as well as a PC Oscilloscope.

The Winter Games consists of two online challenges including the ‘Circuit Maker’ game and ‘Open the Box’. Throughout December, participants will be challenged to select components and complete a circuit board against the clock, with the fastest times winning prizes. In January, competitors can try their luck at the popular Open the Box game with exclusive discounts to be won. Every week, Newark will be rolling out exclusive offers from selected market-leading brands across all product categories including Vishay, Rohde & Schwarz, TE Connectivity, Weller, Sensorcon and more.

The competition is available to customers across the US, with a weekly giveaway of a Multicomp Pro product valued at $25-$50. In addition to the weekly prizes, customers can also compete for the Grand Prizes which consist of  a Raspberry Pi 4 Starter Kit (in white for 1st prize and in black for 2nd prize) as well as a PC Oscilloscope (3rd prize).

Cliff Ortmeyer, Head of Marketing at Newark, said: “2020 has been a challenging year across the globe and we are delighted our supplier partners have joined us to help spread some festive cheer with fun interactive games and a range of exclusive discounts. With a portfolio including some of the world’s leading manufacturers in IP&E, SBC, semiconductors and test and measurement, Newark is proud to bring these great products, at incredible value, to our customers globally.”

The first of the two Winter Games challenges, the Circuit Maker game, will run in December 2020. Following this, competitors can try their luck at Open the Box until January 29, 2021. The grand prize winners will be announced in February.

To find out more about the Winter Games competition, visit:

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