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New Version of Flex Power Designer Software Released

Flex Power Modules has released version 4.5 of their popular ‘Flex Power Designer’ (FPD) Tool which enables detailed simulation, configuration and optimization of power systems using the company’s DC-DC converter products.

Highlights of the new version are:
• A new 3D visualization tool
• Support for Xilinx Versal Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP)
• A bus voltage optimization feature
• New enhanced thermal models for certain parts
• Support for new products such as BMR313, BMR314, BMR320
• Improvements and bug fixes
• SMBus tool for control and production programming now available as a separate download

The new features add to the existing capabilities of the tool to predict detailed behavior of a power system, including efficiency, power dissipation, transient response and output impedance. Relationships between voltage rails can be defined and displayed including paralleling, phase spreading, sequencing and fault spreading, using the standard PMBus protocol.

FPD is free-to-use software, downloadable from the Flex Power Modules website. Existing users can easily upgrade to the new version 4.5 via an update link in the application.

Anders Sellin, Strategic Product Manager of Flex Power Modules comments: ”This major new revision of our power designer tool will make it even easier for users to visualize the performance of Flex Power Modules products, both physically with the 3D simulation feature and electrically with a range of new functions.”

This tool is downloadable from the Flex Power Modules website.

About Flex Power Modules
Flex Power Modules, a business line of Flex, is a leading manufacturer and solution provider of scalable DC/DC power converters primarily serving the data processing, communications, industrial and transportation markets. Offering a wide range of both isolated and non-isolated solutions, its digitally-enabled DC/DC converters include PMBus compatibility supported by the powerful Flex Power Designer. Further information can be found at or on LinkedIn.

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