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New SPSCAP additions result in greater breadth of supercapacitors available via Transfer Multisort Elektronik

December 20, 2021, Łódź, Poland – Transfer Multisort Elektronik (TME), the Poland-based component distributor, has further strengthened its portfolio of supercapacitors with the addition of 15 new SPSCAP products.

Market demand for supercapacitors has grown dramatically in recent years, providing a way of storing energy and maintaining voltage under operating conditions and in locations where conventional batteries simply would not be applicable. Among the sectors in which they are currently seeing most traction are automotive, where they are being incorporated into electric vehicle (EV) powertrains, and Internet of Things (IoT) networks, where they can support energy harvesting activities. They are also becoming commonplace in consumer electronic devices, being featured in the camera flash subsystems of smartphones, as well as in backup power supplies, etc. Given the increasing supercapacitor uptake now being experienced, access to robust and dependable supply chain channels is going to be vital.

The SPSCAP components now stocked by TME can be supplied to customers in a wide array of capacitance values, spanning from 1F through to 3000F. These cylindrical format components utilize an acetonitrile electrolyte and have voltage ratings of 2.7VDC, 2.85VDC and 3VDC. They come with either radial or axial leads attached. Modules that are designed for higher voltage usage are also offered. These are rated at 16V. All of these products support a working temperature range of -40°C to 65°C. Depending on the particular model, they have duty cycle figures of between 500,000 and 1 million.

“TME already has an extensive capacitor offering. Now, by adding these supercapacitors from SPSCAP to our inventory, we are bringing in an extra dimension. This will mean we can help customers to address the engineering challenges that emerging trends in electronics are going to present,” explains Adam Kuczyński, co-founder and Business Development Director at TME. “The components that make up SPSCAP’s product offering have impressive performance characteristics plus elevated levels of reliability. These attributes will make them highly appealing to our customer base.”

The SPSCAP supercapacitors available from TME are highly optimized for situations where rapid delivery of large amounts of energy is required. Components are available that can withstand impulse currents from up to 2368A.

For more information on these supercapacitors, please visit:

About Transfer Multisort Elektronik
Transfer Multisort Elektronik (TME) is one of the fastest-growing global distributors of electronic,
electromechanical, industrial automation components as well as workplace equipment.
The company employs over 1,000 employees in its headquarters in Poland and subsidiaries in other
countries. TME supplies thousands of companies in 150 countries and sends 5,000 packages a day.
● 1,200 manufacturers in offer
● 500,000 products on offer
● 11 foreign subsidiary locations
● 22 languages supported by customer service that speaks 22 languages
● 26 languages supported on the website available in 26 different language versions

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