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New NGU source measure units by Rohde & Schwarz now available from Newark

NGU series of source measure units are ideal for semiconductor testing and wireless communications testing of battery-powered devices such as mobile phones, tablets and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Chicago – March 2, 2021: Newark an Avnet Company and global distributor of electronic components, products and solutions, now offers the new NGU series of source measure units (SMU) from Rohde & Schwarz, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic test and measurement equipment.

The new-to-market NGU series of SMUs are designed for challenging applications requiring semiconductor and wireless communications testing. These new units have a standard three-year warranty and provide extremely high accuracy and fast load recovery times. The NGU series range, now available from Newark, includes:

  • The R&S®NGU201 – a specialist unit for testing wireless communications. It features two quadrants which can function as both a source and sink to simulate batteries and loads. The NGU201 is tuned to complete battery drain analysis for any battery-powered device up to 60W such as mobile phones, tablets and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It can also be used for battery tests and simulations due to its adjustable output impedance and optional battery simulation tool. The digital voltmeter function greatly simplifies the process of taking electrical measurements.
  • The R&S®NGU401 – an ideal solution for semiconductor testing in general-purpose applications across a wide range of industries. It can function as a bipolar power supply or bipolar electronic load across four quadrants including source or sink operation with arbitrary polarity. A modulation input is provided to connect to an arbitrary function generator, enabling the instrument to act as an AC source. The special ammeter design is used to precisely measure current drains from nA to A in one pass and an optional voltmeter input removes the need to have an additional digital multimeter for certain applications.

Newark’s long-standing partnership with Rohde & Schwarz delivers a market-leading range of innovative test and measurement instruments for electronics, wireless and RF test and measurement, networking, communications, cybersecurity and more, to customers worldwide.

James McGregor, Global Head of Test, Tools and Production Supplies at Newark, said, “We are very pleased to introduce this next generation of source measure units from our partners at Rohde & Schwarz. The expansion of Newark’s already extensive Rohde & Schwarz range demonstrates our continued commitment to bring the latest solutions from leading global manufacturers in the test and measurement space to market. The NGU series is a welcome addition to our specialist test portfolio and ensures engineers have access to high quality products that meet their needs.”

In partnership with Rohde & Schwarz, Newark is offering customers the chance to win a brand new NGU source measure unit. The competition is open to customers across Europe / APAC with three major prize winners to be announced globally. Entries are open until Saturday, March 20, 2021. Customers can register by visiting: 

Newark offers a full range of products to support electronic design and test with no minimum order value and a comprehensive education discount programme. Free technical support in local language is available 24/5 from Newark’s in-house test and measurement specialists. Customers also have access to a range of online resources, data sheets, application notes, videos and webinars.

The new NGU series of SMUs are available from Newark in North America, Farnell in EMEA and element14 in APAC.

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