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Meridian RDC Offers Unique Reset Analysis Engine, Full-chip Capacity and Precise Debug

Real Intent Inc., a leading provider of SoC and FPGA sign-off verification solutions, today announced a new product, Meridian RDC, for comprehensive reset domain crossing (RDC) sign-off. Meridian RDC is the fastest and most precise RDC sign-off tool on the market. The new Meridian RDC product delivers a new and unique reset domain crossing identification and verification engine, performance, and capacity to support today’s SoCs and data-driven debug. Meridian RDC extends Real Intent’s product leadership in delivering the industry’s fastest sign-off solutions.Design functionality may be incorrect due to metastability induced by reset propagation, glitches on asynchronous resets, or reconvergence of synchronized resets. Meridian RDC performs comprehensive static and functional analysis to ensure that signals crossing reset domains function reliably. It pinpoints all RDC problems arising from software-resets, hardware resets and/or low power resets. Meridian RDC is built upon the proven, highest capacity, most comprehensive static analysis engines leveraged from the market-leading Meridian CDC (Clock Domain Crossing) solution.Oren Katzir, Vice President of Applications at Real Intent, explained, “Poor reset design can result in unreliable functional resets, causing intermittent catastrophic chip failures. These chip-killer errors are not caught in static solutions like STA, clock domain crossing tools, or through simulation, and can be expensive to fix.”Katzir added, “Our new Meridian RDC product’s unique technology allows designers to use effective strategies to guarantee complete RDC correctness. Our users have performed RDC analysis on blocks, IPs, subsystems, and full-chip levels. Users especially like that Meridian RDC’s smart reporting keeps them focused on important issues through efficient organization of findings.”Meridian RDC also includes iDebug, Real Intent’s new state-of-the-art design intent debugger and data manager. It employs a full database that captures all phases of RDC verification for the intelligent scope-based analysis of design intent. In addition, iDebug identifies the root causes of issues, and minimizes iterations and debug time through an easy-to-use programmable graphical interface. With its powerful command-line interface, iDebug supports a fully customizable sign-off methodology that can be tailored for any design flow.For more information, please visit the Meridian RDC product page.

The new release of Meridian RDC is available now. Pricing depends on product configuration. For more information, please email

About Real Intent
Companies worldwide rely on Real Intent’s EDA software to accelerate functional verification and advanced sign-off of electronic designs. The company provides comprehensive CDC verification, advanced RTL analysis and sign-off solutions to eliminate complex failure modes of SoCs. Real Intent’s Meridian and Ascent product families lead the market in performance, capacity, accuracy and completeness. Please visit for more information.

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