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Memblaze to Debut New Ultra-Low Latency NVMe SSD Solution at Flash Memory Summit

PBlaze5 X26 Adds XL-FLASH’s Ultra-Low Latency, High QoS Advantages, Provides Fast, Stable Performance Across Enterprise

BEIJING, CHINA –– August 1, 2019 –– Memblaze will showcase its new ultra-low latency NVMe SSD storage solution based on Toshiba’s XL-FLASH technology and its Enhanced Namespace Management technology in Flash Memory Summit Booth #614 August 6-8 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, Calif.

“Based on Memblaze’s core flash memory technology, PBlaze5 X26 brings advantages of XL-FLASH’s ultra-low latency, high QoS and provides fast, stable performance across the enterprise,” says Taile Zhang, Memblaze’s senior vice president of products. “Compared to 3D XPoint and other SCM media, XL-FLASH has an obvious price advantage that offers the PBlaze5 X26 series a boost for market acceptance and wide adoption across the industry.”

Additionally, Ron Yuan, Memblaze’s vice president of R&D, will present “Extend the usage of Namespace: managing multi-media to improve app performance” during the PCIe/NVMe Technology Update, part of the Flash Memory Summit’s NVMe Track. Yuan will address how Namespace can provide users with more performance and demo simple changes to control NAND and DRAM resolve performance and endurance issues caused by the MySQL double write buffer. The session will begin Thursday at 8:30 a.m. and continue until 10:50 a.m.

Introducing Memblaze’s PBlaze5 X26 Ultra-low Latency NVMe SSD 

PBlaze5 X26 is Memblaze’s latest ultra-low latency NVMe SSD storage solution. Working with Toshiba, Memblaze tapped the low-latency potential of Toshiba’s XL-FLASH, the ultra-low latency flash media with read latency that reaches one tenth of the normal 3D TLC NAND, to meet today’s technological trends. 

At Flash Memory Summit, Memblaze will demonstrate the latency features of the engineering version of PBlaze5 X26 800 and describe its ability to maintain consistent ultra-low latency during a several-hour pressure test. Features include 4K random write latency expected to be under 10 μs and 4K mixed read-write latency as low as 26 μs on average. The latency of the final product is expected to drop below 20 μs. 

Enhanced Namespace Management Technology 

Memblaze’s Enhanced Namespace Management technology will be demonstrated at Flash Memory Summit, highlighting its capacity to divide DRAM, NAND and other media into different resource pools and provide application services through namespaces for MySQL databases. 

With Memblaze’s Enhanced Namespace Management technology, PBlaze5 enables MySQL to maintain the TPMC score of 32,000 within a two-hour TPCC test without jitter. The technology allows MySQL to keep its scheduling mechanism unchanged for effective access to the existing data center.

Availability and Pricing

Memblaze is sampling PBlaze5 X26 now. Full product availability will be announced in 2020.

Pricing available on request.

About Memblaze

Memblaze is an innovation-driven company providing enterprise-level SSDs and flash solutions founded in Beijing, China, in 2011 and one of the earliest companies to develop NVMe SSD technology. Its PBlaze series PCIe SSD is an industry leader backed by five generations of technology. Memblaze is noted for its technology and user experience, and is a core SSD supplier for Alibaba, Tencent, JD and China Telecom. In addition, Memblaze works with industry partners to create value for global enterprise customers.

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