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LMD demonstrates Bluetooth-enabled V-Sensor™, bringing medically-accurate blood pressure and temperature measurement to wearables market

First medically-accurate measurement of vital signs through low-power, single sensor – cuffless and calibration-free

March  2020,Lausanne, Switzerland:  Leman Micro Devices (LMD), the developer of regulated consumer healthcare products that is backed by major players within the mobile device industry, announces that its V-Sensor™, which together with the company’s e-Checkup™ app, measures five vital signs – blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate and blood oxygen – is now Bluetooth-enabled.  This development extends the company’s unique technology to the wearables market, enabling medically-accurate measurement from a wearable device for the first time.

Although many wearables claim to measure blood pressure without a cuff, they all depend on a cuff for personal calibration and frequent recalibration and none also measures temperature.  More, none are certified medical devices, unlike V-Sensor, which is on schedule to obtain full international regulatory approval including meeting the stringent requirements of NMPA as well as FDA and CE for safety, accuracy and reliability.

V-Sensor and LMD’s e-Checkup app have been developed for full integration into next-generation smartphones and are currently being evaluated by major manufacturers worldwide. LMD has now demonstrated the use of the V-Sensor working through a Bluetooth-enabled low energy device, paving the way for its use in wearables. Integration into a range of different wearables including watches will enable personal responsibility for monitoring and improving overall health, as well as alerting people to potential health issues.  High blood pressure is a vast global problem, many people are unaware they have it, and the ability to self-monitor frequently through the use of a V-Sensor-enabled wearable, opens the door to fast, simple identification of the condition.  V-Sensor uses the proven Riva-Rocci technique of occluding the arteries on the tip of the index finger for accurate blood pressure measurement, with no other device or calibration required. The convenience of V-Sensor technology built into a wearable device also enables accurate body temperature measurement, often an early symptom of illness or infection.  The sensor also delivers blood oxygen level, pulse and respiration rates in seconds. Body temperature is measured by the thermopile built into the V-Sensor and only requires a quick forehead scan.

Mark-Eric Jones, CEO comments “This development means that OEMs will be able to offer certified measurement of temperature and blood pressure on a vast range of wearables, including watches.  Consumer demand for health monitoring and fitness tracking has burgeoned in recent years and is a huge growth market. Now for the first time, wearable devices that incorporate a V-Sensor and e-Checkup will be able to deliver medically-accurate results.”

About Leman Micro Devices

Leman Micro Devices (LMD) is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, in the heart of the “Health Valley” and close to EPFL University and major phone sensor companies. Founded in 2010 with funding by Business Angels, Venture Capital, and two major players in the smartphone sector, LMD developed its e-Checkup™ system for integration into smartphones.  A unique sensor combined with an easy-to-use app, it is the world’s first miniaturised system to measure blood pressure and other vital signs to medical accuracy.  A game-changer in personal health care, the e-Checkup™ system is on schedule to obtain international regulatory approval. LMD is an ISO 13485 certified company.

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