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Keysight Expands Signal Source Analyzer Portfolio for Wireless, Radar, and High-Speed Digital Applications

  • One-box phase noise and signal source analysis solution extends to 26.5 / 44 / 54 GHz and higher frequencies with best-in-class phase noise sensitivity
  • Integrated platform with optional two-port vector network analyzer supports evaluations for both one-port and two-port devices
  • Clock jitter analysis software provides easy, in-depth jitter analysis for current and advanced high-speed digital applications

January 30, 2024

SANTA ROSA, Calif., – Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) expands its SSA-X Signal Source Analyzer portfolio with three new higher frequency models – 26.5 GHz44 GHz, and 54 GHz – giving radio frequency (RF) engineers integrated, one-box phase noise and signal source analysis solutions for advanced wireless communications, radar, and high-speed digital applications.

Evolving technologies and new, advanced standards demand more precise and cleaner signal sources with the lowest possible phase noise and jitter to support higher frequencies and data bandwidths and rates. However, testing and evaluating the phase noise and jitter of the signal sources for these applications often requires a very complex setup with multiple instruments, which consumes a lot of time. RF engineers also need to make other measurements such as frequency and power transient measurements as well as spectrum analysis to fully characterize signal sources such as synthesizers, clocks, and oscillators. In addition, engineers may need to measure the residual phase noise of active devices used in signal and data transmission paths.

The new higher frequency models of the Keysight SSA-X Signal Source Analyzer series address these challenges in these advanced applications with an all-in-one platform that includes a very clean signal enabled through a direct digital synthesis (DDS) source and proprietary cross-correlation channels.

The new Keysight SSA-X series of signal source analyzers provide the following benefits:

  • Integrated, one-box solution – Provides comprehensive signal source analysis including phase noise measurement, residual noise measurement, transient measurement, spectrum analysis, network analysis, and voltage controlled oscillators (VCO) characterization in a single box. The built-in, clean signal source operating at up to 54 GHz and two RF inputs enable residual noise measurements without additional equipment and re-configuration. Two pairs of local oscillator (LO) output and intermediate frequency (IF) input ports and Keysight’s new E5051AW phase noise measurement downconverter/phase detector enable millimeter-wave phase noise measurements at higher than 54 GHz. A 2-port vector network analyzer (VNA) can be incorporated as an option to eliminate the need to purchase a standalone VNA.
  • Best-in-class phase noise sensitivity – Provides accurate absolute and residual phase noise measurements with using extremely-low-phase-noise internal LOs and RF source.
  • Easy-to-use, with flexible software – Enables quick, multiple measurements with a single connection and an easy-to-use interface. Application software has been enhanced to address more measurement needs, including spectrum analyzer and precision clock jitter analysis.
  • Precision clock jitter analysis – Offers accurate random jitter (RJ) and periodic jitter (PJ) measurements in the time and frequency domain. SSA-X can measure jitter with 20% higher sensitivity than the SSA and has the sensitivity of 2 femto seconds at 10 GHz for advanced high-speed digital communication applications.

Joe Rickert, Vice President and General Manager, Keysight High Frequency Measurements Center of Excellence, said: “The SSA-X series of signal source analyzers provides RF engineers an integrated, one-box solution that provides phase noise and jitter measurement solutions for advanced communications and high-speed digital applications. With the addition of three new models covering frequencies up to 54 GHz, the SSA-X series enables more accurate and higher quality evaluations that accelerate time-to-market of cutting edge technologies.”


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