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June Conference in Grenoble, France, to Explore Pathways to 6G Applications, Including ‘Internet of Senses’, Sustainability, Extended Reality & Digital Twin of Physical World

Organized by CEA-Leti, the Joint EuCNC and 6G Summit Sees Telecom Sector as an ‘Enabler for a Sustainable World’

GRENOBLE, France – June 1, 2022 – Anticipating that 6G systems will offer a major step change in performance from gigabit towards terabit capacities and sub-millisecond response times, the top two European conferences for communication networks will meet June 7-10 to explore future critical 6G applications like real-time automation or extended reality, an “internet of senses”, sustainability and providing data for a digital twin of the physical world.

The hybrid conference, “Connectivity for a Sustainable World”, will accommodate both in-person and remote attendance for four days of keynotes, panels, work sessions and exhibits. The event is sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society and the EU Association for Signal Processing and will be held in the WTC Grenoble Convention Center.

“The telecom sector is an enabler for a sustainable world,” said Emilio Calvanese StrinatiNew-6G Program director at CEA-Leti, which organized the conference. “Designed to be energy efficient, with low carbon footprints, telecoms will be a key enabler to reduce CO2 emissions in the ICT sectors. For example, 6G targets multi-sensorial virtual reality, e.g. the metaverse, and remote work and telepresence, which enable people to interact without travelling.”

The conference also will explore new smart network technologies and architectures needed to dramatically enhance the energy efficiency and sustainability of networks to manage major traffic growth, while keeping electromagnetic fields under strict safety limits. These technologies will form the basis for a human-centric Next-Generation Internet and address the European Commission’s Sustainable Development Goals, such as accessibility and affordability of technology.

The Grenoble gathering is the 31st edition of the EuCNC conference, which merged two years ago with the 6G Summit. The joint conference was established by the European Commission for industry, academia, research centers and SMEs from across the ICT and telecom sectors to cooperate, discuss and help realize the vision for European technological sovereignty. It is intended to be held for in-person attendance, with remote attendance in a hybrid mode.

“The EuCNC and 6G Summit members are playing an important role in supporting the EU’s goal of European Sovereignty and cybersecurity in 5G and 6G in parallel with the French microelectronics industry’s support of the European Chips Act,” said Calvanese Strinati, who will help lead a workshop, “Semantic and Goal Oriented Communications, an Opportunity for 6G?”, on June 7.

Keynotes (all times CEST)


“Shaping 6G: Revolutionizing the Evolution of Networks”

Mikael Rylander, Technology Leadership Officer, Nokia/Netherlands

June 8:  9:15-10:00 am

“6G: From Digital Transformation to Socio-Digital Innovation”

Dimitra Simeonidou, Director Smart Internet Lab, Co-Director Bristol Digital Futures Institute, University of Bristol, UK

June 9:  8:30-9:15 am

“Going Beyond RF: Nano Communication in 6G+ Networks”

Falko Dressler, Professor, Technische Universität, Berlin

June 9:  9:15-10:00 am

“Evolution of Emerging Technologies Towards 5G-Advanced and 6G”

Ruyue YN Li

ZTE Corporation, China

June 10:  9:00-9:45 am

“6G Drives Europe Innovations for the Next Decades”

Egon A. Schulz, Huawei Technologies Duesseldorf GmbH, Munich Research Center, European Research Institute, Germany

June 10:  9:45-10:30 am

Workshops (June 7)

  1. “Semantic and Goal Oriented Communications, an Opportunity for 6G?”
  2. “The 6G Workshop Series by Hexa-X”
  3. “Telecommunications and Microelectronics: How should Europe (re)-act?”
  4. “New Sub-Terahertz Design and Test Techniques for 6G Research”
  5. “Nanoelectronics & Wireless for 6G: NEW-6G Workshop”


  1.  “The 6G Race: International Programmes”, June 8: 2-2:30 pm
  2. “6G Sustainable Networks: Which Innovations and Solutions Will Accelerate Sustainable Digital             Transformation?”,June 9: 2-2:30 pm
  3. “Developments and Challenges Enabling 6G THz Radio HW”, June 10: 11:00 am -12:30 pm
  4. “Careers in Practicing and Research Engineering”, June 8: 4-5:30 pm
  5. 5.  “Dialogue with Industry Leaders”,June 8:5:30-6:30 pm

Sponsors, patrons and supporters of the conference include Huawei, Nokia, ZTE, Technology Innovation Institute (TTI), GrenobleAlpes Métropole, Soitec, NEC, Atos, Ericsson, imec, Virginia Diodes Inc., Intel, TIM, European Commission, 6G Flagship and EURASIP.

ABOUT EuCNC & 6G Summit

For the second consecutive year, the 2022 EuCNC & 6G Summit combines two successful conferences in the area of telecommunications: EuCNC (European Conference on Networks and Communications), supported by the European Commission, and the 6G Summit, originated from the 6G Flagship program in Finland, one of the very first in its area. The conference is sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society and by the European Association for Signal Processing, and focuses on all aspects of telecommunications ranging from 5G deployment and mobile IoT to 6G exploration and future communications systems and networks. These include experimentation and testbeds, and applications and services. It brings together cutting-edge research and world-renown industries and businesses, globally attracting in recent years more than 1,300 delegates and 70 exhibitors from more than 40 countries.

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