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Infineon extends line of radiation-hardened asynchronous static RAMs with embedded ECC for space and other extreme environment applications

Munich, Germany – 14 November, 2023 – Edge computing and inference in satellites enables near real-time data analysis and decision making. This is becoming increasingly important as the number of connected devices and the amount of data they generate continue to grow. To address these high performance computing requirements in space applications, Infineon Technologies LLC Memory Solutions, part of Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY), today announced the availability of its latest radiation-hardened (rad hard) asynchronous static RAMs designed with Infineon’s patented RADSTOP™ technology. These new products are designed for use in space and other harsh environment applications where high reliability and performance are critical.

Data buffering in high performance space computing requires more memory than the on-chip memory of an MCU or FPGA can provide. The memory must provide a higher level of performance for real-time processing applications and have superior radiation performance to meet mission requirements in harsh environments. Infineon’s new rad hard SRAMs are available in 8-, 16- and 32-bit wide configurations and offer embedded error correction code (ECC) for single-bit error correction. This advanced technology enables the ECC logic to detect and correct single-bit errors in any read data word during the read cycles.

“Radiation effects can cause unavoidable bit errors in SRAMs, and using system-level ECC increases both design complexity and latency,” said Dr. Helmut Puchner, Vice President and Fellow of Aerospace and Defense at Infineon. “Infineon’s RADSTOP asynchronous SRAM memories provide an ultra-reliable single-chip solution that solves these issues and meets the radiation performance requirements of the space industry.”

Infineon’s state-of-the-art RADSTOP technology is rad hard through proprietary design and process hardening techniques, meeting all radiation requirements for extreme environments. The new rad hard memories are QML-V certified, ensuring the reliability and lifecycle requirements of extreme environments. The devices feature access times down to 10 ns, making them the fastest option available. They also offer the smallest footprint for the highest density and lowest quiescent current. RADSTOP memory solutions extend the computing limits of the overall system, while offering size, weight and power advantages for greater design flexibility.


Infineon’s rad hard SRAMs are available now. More information about the portfolio of high reliability and rad hard memory solutions is available at

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