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GForge’s “Dark Night” Release Solves The Three Biggest Problems with Collaboration Software Platforms

The Industry’s preferred on-premises project & collaboration solution is now much more powerful

West Des Moines, Iowa – January 30, 2020

The GForge Group, Inc. ( today announced a new version of their top ranked collaboration software tool.

The new GForge “Dark Night” includes new features that makes the collaboration software much easier to use. Dark Night also adds industry leading power features, which together will make project collaboration much more efficient, saving money and time, and reducing frustration.

Service Desk – Project’s can now manage their own groups – allowing you to use the GForge ticketing system as a service desk solution. GForge customers who already use GForge for managing projects will love being able to leverage GForge to manage support tickets as well.

Better Analytics – Users can now create arbitrary reports so they have better visibility within or across projects. GForge administrators now have a new “Summary” report giving them insights into the users and projects within GForge. Similarly, we’ve added a “Summary” report to projects giving them the same analytics but at the project level.

Release tracking and management – Once a release is completed and is ready to publish, the project lead can now import the release notes with a click of a button (until now, this was a manual process).

Dark Mode – Users may now change GForge to use Dark Mode. For users using GMail or Twitter, this feature works the same way.


In addition, the new GForge Dark Night release includes a handful of other useful improvements that were requested by our users. These include:

  1. Menu – We have improved how users can navigate within the system. We have added more options and possible paths.
  2. Document Management – GForge’s document management system now allows users to tag documents for improved organization and searching. Users can now easily also restore a document to a prior version. Also, clicking on videos or images will now preview the image or video inside the project before you decide whether or not to download the file.
  3. Bug Fixes – A number of bug fixes which will be enumerated on the official 19.2 Release Notes (GForge “Dark Night”).


About GForge

GForge, established in 2006, is a leading developer and supplier of project and collaboration management software that provides the industry’s most comprehensive set of easy to use tools for businesses and organizations to create, manage and scale projects of various sizes and levels of complexity. 

Available in both on-premise and SaaS formats, GForge’s features and capabilities include Agile/Scrum support, ticketing, team chat, kanban boards, wiki, document management, etc. GForge also provides specific features to engineering teams including source code management, code reviews and pull requests. 

GForge is the industry’s preferred on-premises project & collaboration solution and is particularly popular in the Defense & Aerospace Industries. For more info about GForge, please visit us at

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