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element14 Community Offers Holiday Gift Ideas, Projects and Giveaways

element14 is celebrating the season of giving with multiple chances to win plus perfect present ideas for the makers and engineers on your gift list

Chicago – December 9, 2021: element14, an Avnet community, is bringing good cheer to engineers this year with its annual Maker and Electronics Engineer Wishlist. In addition to offering its own ideas for the perfect gift, element14 is hosting a Secret Santa giveaway, a holiday-themed Project14, and a special holiday edition of element14 Presents. Whether you shop for it from the list, win it in a giveaway, or design it yourself, element14 is looking to make sure every maker and engineer gets the gifts they want this season.

This year’s gift guide includes all the best products for electronics designers, and is separated into categories for makers and electrical engineers. The much-anticipated annual gift guide is specifically created for the element14 Community, and has gifts that its members are sure to love. The gift guide features a range of products, including:

Gifts for Makers:

  • Handheld Multimeter: Multimeters are requirements for any maker. Having a handheld digital multimeter is incredibly convenient for designing electronics projects.
  • Voltage Tester: Great for makers who like to repair things, the small probes make it easy to test the voltage across different components and the price point can’t be beat.
  • Diagonal Cutter: Perfect for the maker who is frequently snipping wires, these diagonal cutting pliers are currently on sale as part of Newark’s Holly Jolly Workbench Sale, which is offering discounts on a wide range of quality products. 

Gifts for Electrical Engineers:

  • Resistance Decade Box: This resistance decade box allows engineers to simulate different resistance loads to test their circuits.
  • Antistatic Toolbox: Since electrical engineers’ tools can be a source of electrostatic discharge, this toolbox helps to reduce that risk.
  • Clamp Meter: A clamp multimeter lets engineers measure currents by clamping its hinged jaw on a wire.

In addition to the dozens of product recommendations vetted by the community, element14 is keeping the holiday spirit going throughout the rest of the year with two giveaway opportunities:

  • Secret Santa Giveaway – element14 is seeking blog posts detailing community members’ ideas for the perfect gift for a maker or engineer that is available from Newark, costs under $50 and is in stock. element14 will pick the 20 best blog posts and send the winners a tool that one of the other 20 winners blogged about. Submissions are due by January 1, 2022.
  • Project14 Build a Present – The latest Project14 design challenge is encouraging members of the element14 Community to build their own present. To help them along their design journey, element14 is giving away an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi to the members of the community who share their holiday project proposal by January 14, 2022. The finished projects that show the most heart will win a tool kit (~ $500 value) that includes a handheld oscilloscope, a USB soldering iron, a bench power supply, wire strippers, and a $400 shopping cart plus a $100 gift to give to another member for their project. Three first place winners will receive will receive a tool kit bundle (~ $300 value) along with a $200 shopping cart and a $100 shopping cart to give to another member for their projects. All gifts can be given to any members that the winners think are deserving but did not win.

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