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EFCO Announces the First Industrial Embedded Vision System With Artificial Intelligence Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Via the New EKit Software Package

New Product Supports the Greatest Number of Cameras in a Compact Fanless System

San Diego, California – December 3, 2018 – EFCO, a world-class supplier of industrial PC, Gaming and EMS solutions, today introduced Eagle Eyes Embedded Vision Systems, a family of fanless box computers for machine vision applications. The Eagle Eyes series is the first to offer artificial intelligence monitoring and predictive maintenance through the company’s EKit software package, based on EFCO’s propriety artificial intelligence algorithms, that provide all systems monitoring and systems analysis. The Eagle Eyes Embedded Vision Systems series is also the first industrial image processing systems to be able to support up to 12 PoE+ cameras within a compact system.

“Industrial image processing will become indispensable for Industry 4.0 and the IIoT,” stated Mike Chao, President of EFCO. “While PC performance has significantly improved in recent years, image processing puts extreme performance requirements on the computers and operating system. Specialized image processing machines that are task-optimized for applications such as factory automation, machine vision, and transportation logistics, are required to ensure reliability. In addition, because reliability is so critical in many of these applications, EFCO is incorporating artificial intelligence into its devices to detect problems and trigger predictive maintenance.”

EKit with Dynamic Digital Module

Based on proprietary AI algorithms, Eagle Eyes’ intelligent EKit is a software-based program that collects data from the device and performs dynamic, real-time monitoring of system behavior. Its Dynamic Digital Module (DDM) is a key feature of Eagle Eyes and dynamically displays system information such as CPU temperature, power consumption, RTC battery voltage, DC voltage, hardware health, and PoE status, as well as customized customer information. The EKit ensures that the system maintains stable operation at all times and provides advanced warning if proactive trouble-shooting is required. This prevents unpredictable losses due to sudden, or unexpected operating failures.

Additional Features

The first four products in the Eagle Eyes family include: Eagle Eyes-AIH which is equipped with 6th/7th Gen Intel® Core™ S Series & Intel® Xeon® E3 for high-end applications; Eagle Eyes-AIM which is equipped with 6th/7th Gen Intel® Core™ U Series for mid-range deployments; Eagle Eyes-AIE which is equipped with Intel® Atom®, Celeron®, Pentium® for entry-level solutions, and Eagle Eyes-AIHD which is for high-end applications with DIN Rail mounts.

The compact design is particularly ideal for machine vision and video applications and space-constrained applications. The hardware design is also optimized so that customers do not need to purchase additional add-on cards for isolated DIO or PoE functions, design their own remote switches or power ignition system.

There are 6 different I/O module (IOM) options which can be added to fulfill customers’ needs without the extra effort and cost of customization. Eagle Eyes-AIH offers space for up to 2 IOM cards or one 2.5” hard disk drive bay.

For more information, please visit:

Pricing and Availability

Engineering samples are available immediately, and pricing is dependent on system configuration.

About EFCO

EFCO is a leading embedded platform provider with a demonstrated history of delivering solutions matched specifically to individual customer requirements. The company offers ODM design and manufacturing services, gaming solutions, embedded thermal solutions, and industrial computing platforms. EFCO is headquartered in Taipei, with offices in the USA, UK, China, and Germany.

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