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Code Dx and AdaCore Partner to Provide an Ada Application Security Testing Toolsuite

NORTHPORT AND NEW YORK, N.Y. – June 26, 2019 – Code Dx, Inc., provider of an award-winning application security management solution that automates and accelerates the discovery, prioritization, and risk management of software vulnerabilities, today announced its partnership with AdaCore, a trusted provider of software development and verification tools for the Ada, C, and C++ programming languages.

Through this partnership, Code Dx Enterprise now supports AdaCore’s CodePeer advanced static analysis tool, an automatic Ada code reviewer and validator. This solution provides developers with one central location from which to view the results of multiple application security testing (AST) tools and allows them to easily prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation. Developers can automatically pull results from AdaCore’s CodePeer into Code Dx Enterprise, without downloading and then uploading scan results each time. Users simply open Code Dx Enterprise and the latest results are there.

“AdaCore is well respected in the aerospace and defense, rail, space, automotive and other industries that have complex requirements for developing high-integrity software,” said Anita D’Amico, Ph.D.,CEO at Code Dx, Inc. “With our background with the Department of Homeland Security and our work with other government agencies, we have very similar missions to enable the development of software that is safe, secure, and reliable.”

Code Dx Enterprise supports and integrates with more than 70 commercial AST tools and techniques, including static, dynamic, and interactive tools; third-party component analyzers; and manual reviews, to provide total software application vulnerability correlation and management.

“Through Code Dx Enterprise, our CodePeer users have a central location to store results and a dashboard to visualize key metrics,” said Jamie Ayre, Commercial Director at AdaCore. “In addition, the tool enables our users to more easily collaborate on testing and remediation processes, and to track findings over time. For CodePeer users who are developing multi-language software within the same application, Code Dx Enterprise provides a single repository to manage all of their AST activities.”

About AdaCore

Founded in 1994, AdaCore supplies software development and verification tools for mission-critical, safety-critical and security-critical systems. Four flagship products highlight the company’s offerings:

  • The GNAT Pro development environment, a complete toolset for designing, implementing, and managing applications that demand high reliability and maintainability. GNAT Pro is available for Ada and also for C and C++.
  • The CWE-Compatible CodePeer advanced static analysis tool, an automatic Ada code reviewer and validator that can detect and eliminate errors both during development and retrospectively on existing software. CodePeer can detect a number of the “Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors” in the MITRE Corporation’s Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE).
  • The CWE-Compatible SPARK Pro verification environment, a toolset based on formal methods and oriented toward high-assurance systems.
  • The QGen model-based development tool suite for safety-critical control systems, providing a qualifiable and customizable code generator and static verifier for a safe subset of Simulink® and Stateflow® models, and a model-level debugger.

Over the years customers have used AdaCore products to field and maintain a wide range of critical applications in domains such as commercial and military avionics, automotive, railway, space, defense systems, air traffic management/control, medical devices, and financial services. AdaCore has an extensive and growing worldwide customer base; see for further information.

AdaCore products are open source and come with expert online support provided by the developers themselves. The company has North American headquarters in New York and European headquarters in Paris.

About Code Dx

Code Dx, Inc. provides an award-winning application security management solution that automates and accelerates the discovery, prioritization, and risk management of software vulnerabilities. The Code Dx Enterprise solution orchestrates Application Security Testing (AST) tools, consolidates the results into a single view for quick and easy prioritization and remediation, and provides reports and AppSec metrics for tracking the processes and progress of an AppSec team. The core technology was partially funded by the Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology (DHS S&T) to help secure the nation’s software supply chain. For more information, please contact Code Dx at (631) 759-3993 or

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