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Azumo Announces 3.4” Memory-in-Pixel (MIP) Reflective LCD Display to Enable Sunlight-Readable, Energy-Efficient Devices

At 272 x 451 pixels, the module is one of the highest-resolution color MIP reflective LCDs of its size

CHICAGO, Jan. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Azumo, the reflective display technology company, today introduced a new 3.4-inch color MIP reflective module to its product line. Made possible by Azumo’s LCD 2.0™ front light technology, the 272 x 451-pixel display is one of the highest-resolution color MIP reflective LCDs of its size and has a variety of outdoor recreation, mobile POS, and industrial applications.

Device manufacturers seeking durable, color displays have been restricted to backlit LCDs, which drain battery and are difficult to read in bright outdoor environments. Azumo’s 3.4-inch reflective LCD is 10 times more energy efficient than traditional backlit LCDs and is readable in both bright sun and total darkness. Additionally, the new module integrates Azumo’s next-generation light guide film enabling cover lens bonding and touch panel integration, opening up a new segment of applications that demand better reliability and visual quality.

“The rise of connected devices sparked demand for more durable, energy-efficient displays,” said Mike Casper, CEO and founder of Azumo. “Products that haven’t traditionally had screens now do, and they need displays that work in the real world. To meet that need, we leveraged our LCD 2.0 technology into an ultra-thin 3.4-inch module that doesn’t drain battery and is visible in all lighting conditions.”

The Azumo 3.4” MIP reflective LCD module’s benefits include:

  • Ninety percent less energy use. With just one low-power LED, the module uses substantially less energy than traditional BLU LCDs and extends device battery life.
  • High-resolution display of images and data. At 272 x 451 pixels, the module provides crisp detail as one of the highest-resolution color MIP reflective LCDs of its size.
  • Consistent readability in all lighting conditions. The module leverages LCD 2.0™ front light panel technology with a reflective LCD to produce a consistent contrast ratio in all types of light.
  • Improved color saturation. Each pixel contains an R/G/B strip, and the integrated front light provides 64 colors and better NTSC color saturation than competing MIP displays.
  • Rapid response rates. The module’s 3-wire SPI interface at 7MHz paired with 6 millisecond response time enables animations.
  • Bondable cover lens and touch panel. The display can be further customized for increased durability and accessibility in wide-ranging conditions.

Azumo will demo the 3.4-inch reflective LCD 2.0™ display module during CES 2023. To schedule a meeting, contact Greg Kuchuris, Product Manager at Azumo, at

For more information about Azumo’s LCD 2.0™ display technology, visit

About Azumo
Azumo is a breakthrough display technology company revolutionizing a $130 billion industry. Its LCD 2.0™ reflective technology is the first in a generation of high-performance displays that improve user experience and battery life for end-users in consumer, medical, industrial, educational, and automotive markets. Azumo’s ultra-thin light transmission technology has 47 patents and enables 10 times the battery savings compared to traditional LCDs. It combines high video rate capability with superior readability in bright sunlight conditions to eliminate glare. With a range of 1″-17″ in size, Azumo displays can easily integrate into any device. For more information on Azumo, visit

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