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Autotalks Launches New V2X Product Line for Cyclists and E-Scooter Riders

The new TEKTON3-BIKE chip simplifies V2X integration and minimizes the development effort and cost

Autotalks, a pioneer in V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communication solutions, is launching a new integration-ready micromobility product line, aimed at protecting Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs) by integrating them into the V2X safety network. This product range is set to significantly reduce bike and scooter accidents by fostering mutual awareness between drivers and cyclists, addressing the critical issue that 75% of bike and scooter accidents are caused by drivers not noticing cyclists.

TEKTON3-BIKE is a fully integrated 3rd generation System on Chip (SoC) meticulously crafted for e-bikes and e-scooters, tailored to address the unique challenges they face on the road. As a micromobility-specific adaptation of the company’s flagship TEKTON3-AUTO chipset, this comprehensive V2X solution is designed to bolster cyclist safety by mitigating the most prevalent accident scenarios, particularly at intersections and bustling urban environments.

The product offers a wide range of key features, catering to bike manufacturers seeking to outfit their bikes with the most advanced collision prevention technology while minimizing development effort and cost. These features include built-in V2X firmware, specifically dedicated to micromobility safety use cases, such as “Intersection Collision Warning” (ICW) and “Rear Collision Warning” (RCW), with customization and expansion capabilities, comprehensive security, and global compatibility.

Building on the foundation of the TEKTON3-BIKE chipset, Autotalks is introducing ZooZ3, a 3rd generation V2X bicycle safety device designed for effortless installation on handlebars. ZooZ3 functions as a reference platform for micromobility, targeting large-scale pilots, and promptly alerting cyclists when they are in danger. With easy installation, the device brings V2X capabilities to any bicycle or scooter. Furthermore, customers can make use of Autotalks’ ZooZ App for smartphones. Cyclists will be able to receive real-time alerts from the bike V2X system on their screens, enabling them to respond swiftly to potential road hazards. The app’s user-friendly interface can serve as a model for safety user interfaces for bike computers integrating V2X. The V2X functionality itself is not intended for smartphones, but rather for specialized cycling devices equipped with the necessary hardware and software.

“We are delighted to introduce our solutions for micromobility based on our 3rd generation chipset,” said Hagai Zyss, CEO of Autotalks. “The vision of zero accidents can only be achieved by safeguarding cyclists and other vulnerable road users. This is why we have dedicated ourselves to integrating them into the V2X network and developed this integration-ready product line, which meets all the needs of cyclists at an attractive price point, ensuring that every cyclist can benefit from this superior protection on the road.”

About Autotalks 

Autotalks (, a V2X chipset market pioneer and leader, helps reduce collisions on roadways and improve mobility with its automotive qualified chipsets. The company’s chipsets offer the most advanced, truly secure and highest performing global V2X communication solution. Autotalks’ advanced technology, ramping mass deployment, complements the information coming from other sensors, specifically in non-line-of-sight scenarios, rough weather, or poor lighting conditions. It significantly improves overall road safety, effectively coordinating vehicles, self-driving cars, motorcyclists, and pedestrians.

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