Amphenol Ardent Concepts, a leading provider of ganged coaxial connectors for semiconductor, communications, quantum computing, and space and defense applications, is proud to announce the release of TR90, the next generation in its TR Multicoax Series. TR90 is designed to transfer high-speed signals up to 90 GHz, making it the ideal solution for engineers testing or designing systems operating in the E-Band (60 GHz to 90 GHz).

TR90 builds upon Amphenol Ardent’s TR Multicoax Series 20/40/70 GHz configurations and is designed for use in 112G/224G, 5G/6G, and automotive radar applications. Unlike competing multicoax assemblies and legacy SMA-style connectors, TR90 utilizes Ardent’s revolutionary solderless compliant contact technology, RC Spring Probe™, to provide designers with a high-performing and mechanically reliable connector that can be securely mated to printed circuit boards with just two screws, ensuring signal fidelity that is at risk with other attachment methods. Compared to traditional solder-down coaxial connectors, TR Multicoax can reduce connector real estate on printed circuit boards by up to 80% and is easily reusable as it can be moved from position to position without the need for any surface mount components. The TR90 Multicoax connector is available in in-line 4 and 8-channel configurations, with the addition of a dual-row 16-channel form factor and right-angle configurations due later in 2023. Signal-to-signal spacing is maintained from existing lower frequency configurations at 2.54mm pitch. Additionally, TR90 is designed to support microstrip, coplanar waveguide, and stripline printed circuit board launches ensuring compatibility with most printed circuit board stackups.

TR90 is ideal for designers of optical module, transmission line, switch/routing ASIC, SerDes IP, switch/routing box, datacenter chassis, and AI accelerator products. It offers a newly designed interface and printed circuit board footprint to achieve exceptional signal integrity.

“The ability to expand our TR Multicoax Series with a 90 GHz iteration is an exciting achievement by our Research and Design Engineers,” said Stephen Cristaldi, Product Manager of Cable Products at Ardent. “Developing ganged coaxial solutions which can effectively launch 90 GHz signals into a printed circuit board is a challenge felt industry-wide. Achieving 90 GHz repeatably with a completely solderless approach is even more difficult, but guarantees the many benefits our customers expect from our TR Multicoax product family. We continue to develop against our four pillars of design:

  • best in class signal integrity
  • a solderless, compression mount approach to multicoaxial and interposer solutions
  • a focus on signal density
  • mechanical reliability in any environment

With a narrow charter to focus on these four pillars, we will continue to support our customer base as they develop products that push the limits of high speed signaling in challenging environments.”

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