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ALFAMATION launches a space-saving RF wireless test chamber for consumer and automotive applications

  • Designed for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, 5G smartphone, and V2X (vehicle-to-everything) modules
  • One third the size of most other solutions, measuring a mere 230x280x130mm
  • Shielding effectiveness > 90dB

Lissone, Italy – Alfamation, a provider of state-of-the-art turnkey test and measurement solutions, has announced the WSC-6, an RF wireless test chamber that is three times smaller than alternative products on the market.

The WSC-6 offers comparable performance to competitors’ solutions, providing a typical shielding effectiveness of over 90 dB. However, it is one third the size of most other solutions, measuring a mere 230x280x130mm. This exceptionally compact size and the fact that WSC-6 is stackable, creates new space on the factory floor. Depending on the product size and application, the chamber can typically host more than one device under test (DUT).

WSC-6 can be used to test any wireless device transmitting in the 500 MHz – 6 GHz range. This includes any wireless device for consumer and automotive applications, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, 5G smartphone, and V2X (vehicle-to-everything) modules.

Mauro Arigossi, CEO of Alfamation, said, “The WSC-6’s shielding performance is comparable to anything on the market, however, it is just one third the usual size – and that is key.”

WSC-6 isolates the DUT from the external environment to enable accurate testing in high-volume production facilities, effectively shielded from any outside interference. The test chamber can internally reproduce the far field condition.

The test chamber is supplied in manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic configurations. The manual mode is the simplest, where the operator opens and closes the door as required. In the semi-automatic mode, the chamber doors are locked and unlocked automatically, while fully-automatic means that the WSC-6 can be integrated into an automated production line with robotic loading and unloading of DUTs.

The chamber is available both as a standard product as well as in customized configurations for specific customer needs, for example various sizes and shapes. Alfamation can also fully integrate and supply the test chamber as part of a customized manufacturing test cell.

WSC-6 is very heavy-duty, constructed on a solid cast aluminium base, enabling pneumatically-assisted loading and unloading. It includes status LEDs and provides all the necessary space for testing-related electronics.


Founded in 1991 and conveniently headquartered on the outskirts of Milan, Italy, Alfamation S.p.A. develops and manufactures innovative and reliable test & measurement products and services for the global automotive, consumer electronics, telecommunications, and medical industries. The privately-owned company develops and markets high-performance functional testers, modules for testing both analog and digital video signal processing, and a software framework environment for customers worldwide. A preferred vendor for test engineers at Fortune 1000 companies from around the world, Alfamation has reliably supported its customers from the initial requirement definition stage to complete systems integration and after-sales support, providing turnkey test and measurement solutions through solid competence and technical know-how for over 25 years. Alfamation is part of the exclusive National Instruments Platinum Partners program.

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