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Aitech Announces 10/40GbE Fully Managed Ethernet Switch/Router on XMC Form Factor

M622 enables high-speed connectivity solutions for military and aerospace platforms
M622 Highlights:
  • Enables high-speed onboard Ethernet-based digital backbone and network infrastructure
  • Small form factor XMC reduces the number of slots required and significantly optimizes SWaP-C of the whole system
  • A feature-rich networking firmware supporting both Layer2 and Layer3 protocols, dual-stack IPv4/IPv6, unicast and multicast routing within OpenVPX or SOSA TM aligned systems
Chatsworth, Calif. 2024 – Aitech Systems, a leading provider of rugged boards and system level solutions for military, aerospace and space applications, has released the M622, a unique and highly innovative, fully managed 10GbE/40GbE Ethernet switch/router on an XMC. The M622 is designed for embedded and harsh environment applications with SWaP-C (size, weight, power and cost) optimization in mind.
An order of magnitude bandwidth and capacity upgrade of Aitech’s M620, the M622 is based on an advanced and flexible Layer2/Layer3 (L2/L3) Ethernet switch and packet processor offering up to 320 Gbps of full wire-speed bandwidth. This innovative XMC solution provides 10/40GbE internal connectivity within any OpenVPX or SOSATM aligned ruggedized embedded system, between modern SBCs and other processing and I/O boards, while enhancing SWaP-C throughout the system.
 Alex Trigoub, Director of Board Level Product Line for Aitech, noted, “The XMC form factor is a highly beneficial way of implementing connectivity for modern military platforms utilizing a centralized digital backbone. However, existing solutions fail to meet the demand for high networking bandwidth, the number of Ethernet interfaces and the required networking features and protocols. The M622 is a gamechanger for current and future military and aerospace platforms that utilize high resolution sensors/cameras and process large amounts of data using onboard AI systems and mission computers.”
Meeting the high-density and high-speed connectivity demands across mil-aero platforms, the M622 facilitates modern onboard Ethernet-based digital backbones and networks with requirements for IPv4/IPv6 routing, time synchronization, security, high reliability, and support for network redundancy.
This innovative high-speed connectivity solution is able to significantly improve any platform’s reliability and survivability in the field by offering a fast-boot mode, which allows the switch to be fully configured and ready for operation within 45 seconds after a power-up or restart event.
Aitech’s M622 is the only product available today combining a SWaP-C optimized XMC form factor with this high network bandwidth capacity and interface speed, as well as a rich set of networking features.
Aitech will have the new M622 Ethernet switch/router on display at their Stand 354 in Hall 6 during Eurosatory from June 17-21st at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center in Paris, FR. Stop by and learn firsthand how the M622 is globally enhancing defense and security platforms.
For more information please call 888-Aitech-8 (888-248-3248), visit or e-mail
About Aitech Systems:
In business for more than three decades, Aitech is one of the world’s first, independent, open systems architecture, COTS/MOTS innovators offering open standards-based boards and integrated computing subsystem products, with customization services for rugged and severe environment, military, aerospace and space applications…i.e. products for Air, Land, Sea and Space. For more information, please visit

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