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Advantech Launches EVA-2000 Series Wireless LoRaWAN Technology Sensors for Precision Environmental Monitoring

Long-range data transmission combined with exceptional power efficiency for industrial sensing applications

Advantech , a leading provider of industrial IoT solutions, has announced the launch of its innovative EVA-2000 series, a new line of smart wireless sensors incorporating LoRaWAN technology. This series marks a significant advancement in the field of industrial sensing applications, offering long-range data transmission combined with exceptional power efficiency. The EVA-2000 series, comprising of diverse sensor models from temperature and humidity to water leak detection, is designed for the demanding sectors of industrial automation, equipment monitoring, and environmental monitoring.

Seamless Cost-Effective Wireless Integration

At the heart of the EVA-2000 series’ functionality lies their ability to efficiently gather and transmit data wirelessly over extended distances through low-power, wide area LoRaWAN technology. This capability is further enhanced by their exceptional low power consumption, attributed to their double 3.6v Li-ion batteries, ensuring prolonged battery life. The adherence to LoRaWAN standards not only promises scalability and cost-effectiveness in the deployment of a multitude of devices but also simplifies integration within existing systems. Moreover, each unit in the series uses a built-in embedded antenna in a compact design that facilitates flexible installation across varied environments.

Current Meter Sensor

Standout products in this series include the EVA-2210, which is a 3-phase current meter equipped with 3 x 75A clamp-on CT. EVA-2210 is adept at measuring equipment currents up to 75A in diverse applications such as pumps, fan motors, compressors, computers, and servers. Eliminating the need for complex wiring, the EVA-2210 significantly enhances energy management efficiency for distributed devices.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Further enhancing the versatility of the series are the EVA-2310 and EVA-2311 models. The EVA-2310 is a temperature and humidity sensor for monitoring environments in offices, hospitals, classrooms, and warehouses.

Heat Probe Sensor

The EVA-2311 uses a PT1000 round head heat probe sensor, which extends its utility with a 2m length cable and IP67 rating, making it suitable for extreme temperature detection ranging from -70°C to 200°C.

Water Leakage Sensor

The EVA-2510 model is a water leakage sensor, which serves as a sensor for use in cooling and water treatment systems, detecting and alerting operators to potential issues before they happen. Such models are indispensable for industrial processes that rely on precise environmental parameter measurements.

All the EVA-2000 series products are seamlessly compatible with the Advantech WISE-6610, industrial LoRaWAN gateway, allowing for easy remote creation, synchronization of channel settings, and data rate adjustments. Once connected, application settings such as data update cycles and thresholds can be configured via downlink commands from WISE-6610, further streamlining the monitoring and management process.

EVA-2000 series will be available from March 8. Contact your local sales team or visit the Advantech website

About Advantech

Advantech is a global leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) intelligent systems and embedded platform industries, with the corporate brand vision of “Enabling an Intelligent Planet.” Advantech has implemented the WISE-IoT industrial IoT cloud platform as the foundational IoT software and hardware solution in embrace of the major trends of IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence. Having partner clients integrate industry chains is the objective of this. Advantech further expedites the achievement of intelligent industry objectives through its active collaboration with numerous industry partners to “co-create” industry ecosystems. (

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