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ADLINK Debuting FACE™ Certified DDS Software for Mission-Critical System Connectivity at AeroDef 2019

ADLINK Technology, AeroDef Manufacturing 2019 Conference
April 30 to May 1 2019, Long Beach (CA), Booth 1547

  • ADLINK’s Vortex DDS software is now certified FACE™ conformant making aerospace and defense system integration easier, less costly, and more reliable
  • AeroDef educational session titled “Don’t Kill the Birds: An Introduction to Edge IoT, the Technology Making Mission Critical Connectivity Possible” May 1st  3:00pm, room 203A
  • Attendees can learn more about ADLINK’s edge IoT solutions with live demonstrations including an intelligent conveyor system and air traffic control simulation in booth 1547

San Jose, CA – April 26th 2019 – ADLINK IoT Solutions and Technology, a division of ADLINK Technology Inc., leaders in edge computing, will be demonstrating Edge IoT solutions for real-time aerospace and defense system connectivity at AeroDef Manufacturing Conference 2019. Featuring a live intelligent conveyor system and air traffic control simulation, attendees can interact and learn about ADLINK’s certified FACE conformant Vortex Data Distribution Service™ (DDS) software and ADLINK Edge®, the company’s leading Edge IoT solution for creating intelligent IoT-enabled applications. Following this theme, Roy Keeler, Senior Aerospace & Defense Product Manager at ADLINK will deliver a session titled, ‘Don’t Kill the Birds.’

“It takes connectivity among hundreds of applications and thousands of sensors just for an aircraft to push back from the gate” says Mike Roberts, ADLINK Solutions Architect. “Imagine launching a rocket ship? Now that Vortex DDS is certified conformant to the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) technical standard, it’s now easier, more secure, and interoperable to create real-time connectivity across all aerospace and defense applications.”

ADLINK’s edge IoT solutions play a pivotal role in many mission-critical aerospace and defense systems globally, ranging from manufacturing systems to simulation, to next-generation data-centric systems. The standards-based, open architecture software provides efficient, secure and interoperable real-time device, edge and cloud data sharing, ensuring that the right information is delivered to the right place, at the right time. “Though the aerospace and defense industry, like many industrial industries, are under immense pressure for modernization, we’re excited to demonstrate how standards-based Edge IoT technology can help” says Roy Keeler.

To learn more about ADLINK’s FACE conformant software and related Edge IoT solutions contact ADLINK here.

ADLINK Technology is a global leader of edge computing with a mission to reduce the complexity of building IoT systems. ADLINK provides the Analog Digital LINK to form Edge IoT solutions across industries enabling our customers to create new business models, new efficiencies, and new experiences. Our Edge IoT solutions can include embedded building blocks, intelligent computing platforms, fully featured edge platforms, connectivity and extraction devices, secure software for data movement, and Edge IoT applications to monitor, manage, and analyze data-streaming assets. ADLINK is a Premier Member of the Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance, a strategic partner to NVIDIA, Google, and AWS bringing AI to the Edge, and active in several standards organizations. ADLINK products are available in over 40 countries across five continents. ADLINK is publicly traded on TAIEX (Stock Code: 6166). For more information visit

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