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Nallatech Delivers OpenCL-Compatible FPGA Accelerator Cards to the High Performance Computing (HPC) Market

CAMARILLO, Calif., – November 13, 2013 – Nallatech, a leading supplier of high-performance FPGA solutions, today announced it is now delivering its family of OpenCL-compatible accelerator cards featuring Altera Stratix® V FPGAs to the High Performance Computing (HPC) market. The Nallatech 385 and 395 accelerator cards are capable of accelerating a range of compute and I/O intensive applications while reducing overall power consumption and total cost of ownership. Visitors to Supercomputing ‘13 (November 19-November 21) can learn more at Nallatech’s booth #3519 and can view application demonstrations at Altera’s booth #4332. 

“The introduction of OpenCL for FPGAs is a market changing development enabling adoption of a new class of energy efficient accelerator,” said Allan Cantle, president and founder of Nallatech. “FPGA acceleration has moved beyond the benchmarking phase and is increasingly gaining acceptance for large scale computing systems. Nallatech’s family of OpenCL-compatible FPGA accelerator cards are qualified for a range of server and blade platforms providing customers with choice when deploying high-density heterogeneous compute platforms.”

Nallatech’s 385 and 395 FPGA accelerator cards allow customers to combine the OpenCL programming model with Altera’s massively parallel FPGA architecture. With OpenCL, designers can easily accelerate any algorithm to an FPGA to increase performance and improve productivity of HPC applications. Furthermore, the ability of FPGAs to directly interface and process data via computing, storage and sensor protocols enables customers to build applications that were previously impossible or economically infeasible.


Nallatech is now delivering production units of the Nallatech 385 and 395 accelerator cards. For more information about these products, please visit

About Nallatech

Nallatech, a subsidiary of Interconnect Systems, Inc. (, is a leading supplier of accelerated-computing solutions. Nallatech has deployed several of the world’s largest FPGA hybrid compute clusters, and is focused on delivering scalable solutions that deliver high performance per watt, per dollar.

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