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Movea Delivers Enhanced Absolute In-Air Pointing For Interactive TV

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – Sept. 09, 2013 – Movea, the leading provider of data fusion and motion-processing solutions, today announced the addition of powerful absolute pointing capabilities to the company’s MoveaTV solution, effectively bringing a more intuitive TV watching experience to the living room. By introducing advanced and absolute pointing, Movea enables TV remote control manufacturers and service providers to deliver improved in-air pointing navigation and thus a more seamless experience for their customers.

With its new absolute feature, Movea is the first to enable absolute in-air pointing for 6-axis motion-enabled remotes, removing the need for magnetometer inclusion for a smoother and cost-effective user experience by eliminating the navigation friction brought about by relative pointing. For example, when browsing the Web or playing games on a Smart TV, users typically become frustrated and even fatigued because their remote control keeps prodding them to center the cursor every time they reach the border of the screen. By locking the movement of the cursor with the movement of the hand at all times, absolute pointing eliminates repetitive re-centering movements, thus providing users with a more natural and user-friendly experience. Check out this video to watch how absolute pointing helps make home entertainment seamless for consumers. 

Additional benefits of advanced and absolute pointing include:

  • The ability to define the arm/wrist and remote position mapping to the screen center gives the end user the choice to define the most comfortable way to interact with TV content.
  • The ability to point in any direction. Users don’t need to point at the screen. They can effortlessly navigate whether at an angle, sitting, standing, walking around or lying on the couch without any line of sight constraint.
  • Ease of use in navigating user interfaces. Users can navigate quickly from one screen corner to another, or slowly, making small widgets selection easier.
  • A more immersive gaming experience. Consumers can enjoy a more advanced gaming experience and complete tasks more quickly using their remote control for FPS (first-person shooter) games as well as family games, such as Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope and more.

“With media content now available on smartphones, tablets and game consoles, the stakes are higher for technology companies to deliver a truly seamless user experience from the couch,” said Sam Guilaumé, CEO of Movea. “With its groundbreaking work in absolute pointing, Movea is once again driving continued innovation in the living room so consumers can have a richer, more enjoyable home entertainment experience.”

MoveaTV advanced pointing is a cost-efficient and easy to implement solution allowing service providers and remote control manufacturers to deliver a unique, improved navigation experience. Movea’s advanced pointing, as part of the MoveaTV platform, is sensor agnostic and can be implemented on any 6-axis motion enabled remote and ported as a plug and play upgrade on any SmartMotion enabled remote to deliver enhanced pointing.

Backed by more than 500 patents, MoveaTV’s hosted platform not only provides gesture-based user interface navigation, but also the choice between relative and absolute pointing providing set-top-box manufacturers, service providers and middleware providers with ready to implement solutions to develop immersive experiences for Set-Top boxes and SmartTVs.

Movea will be attending IBC in Amsterdam on Sept 12 – 17. Schedule an appointment to learn more about MoveaTV and Movea’s data fusion solutions or stop by our partner booths: SMK booth #4.C78, Alticast booth #1.F36, STmicroelectronics booth #1.F40, Philips Remote Control booth #1.A81 and Wyplay booth #5.A11.

About Movea

Movea is the leading provider of data fusion and motion processing firmware, software, and IP for the consumer electronics industry. Thriving on its portfolio of more than 480 patents, Movea licenses its unique data fusion technologies to customers in three primary markets: mobile, interactive TV and sports. Its platform of data fusion models and developer tools enable customers and partners to quickly and easily add interactivity and awareness to their products. As a result, customers can reduce the risk, cost, and time-to-market for delivering compelling new features that differentiate their products, enhance the consumer experience, and deliver more end-user value.

Movea has a global presence with headquarters in Grenoble, France, a U.S. subsidiary in Silicon Valley, Calif., and a Korean subsidiary in Seoul, as well as technology and manufacturing partners and distributors around the world. The company was recently named a “Cool Vendor for 2012” by leading analyst firm Gartner Inc. For more information or follow us on Twitter at @MoveaDataFusion.

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