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Fraden Corp Announcces New Infrared Themometer Invention For Smartphones

November 13, 2012, San Diego, CA – Fraden Corporation and President Dr. Jacob Fraden, inventor of the popular ThermoScan Ear Thermometer and the holder of over 50 patents,  with  clients including Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Braun, and Gillette, announced today the grant of a U.S. patent for “Wireless Communication Device with Integrated Electromagnetic Radiation Sensors” for its new  Infrared (IR) Thermometer Technology with built-in module for smartphones to remotely take temperatures without any contact with a person or object. 

Clinically Accurate Smartphone Thermometer for Parents with Small Children, Nurses, Doctors, & Caregivers 

Now available for licensing to qualified companies with a significant presence in the mobile phone market, the Fraden Smartphone Sensing patented technology and IP (Intellectual Property) employs a non-contact infrared sensor built into a smartphone or tablet to instantly and accurately measure patient temperature in less than one second with absolutely no contact with the human body.  A priceless feature for parents with small children, nurses, doctors, caregivers or anyone that has ever had trouble taking a temperature, the sensor accurately detects infrared signals that naturally emanate from any surface.  Just aim the smartphone at the face and it automatically takes the internal body temperature.  A small infrared lens is positioned near the camera lens, with no protruding parts, making the device appear identical to existing smartphones. 

The sensor’s wide range, from -22 ºF to +400ºF, offers broad applications in taking temperatures of not only humans, but also of inanimate objects in the home environment, such as kitchen (cooking and refrigeration), bathroom (baby bath water temperature),school (science class), and industry (automotive and production machinery, chemical processes, energy management, and construction).

“Most smartphone models differ little from one another, with only small evolutionary changes.  The vendor with breakthrough functions for real world everyday use, like reading a child’s temperature, can distance themselves from their competitors.  We believe this new patent can be a significant competitive differentiator for a smartphone manufacturer,” said Dr. Jacob Fraden, President of Fraden Corporation, a co-inventor of the technology and expert in non-contact temperature measurements, a holder of over 50 patents and the inventor of the popular Thermoscan ear thermometer.

“We believe that major conveniences afforded by built-in sensors, particularly thermal infrared sensors and their low incremental cost in smartphones, represent a compelling proposition for the manufacturers,” added co-inventor, Dr. David Pintsov.

Fraden Infrared Thermometer for Smartphone Technology Features:

  • Patented technology – U.S. issued and world pending patents.
  • No comparable products on the market – a great differentiator for the smartphone industry.
  • Minimal incremental cost.
  • Non-protruding, works with digital camera in smartphone.
  • Quick time to market.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Instant response, less than 1 second.
  • Computes the body’s inner temperature (medical mode).
  • Clinical accuracy meets ISO standards.
  • Measures temperatures of inanimate objects (food, water, buildings, machinery, circuit boards, etc.).
  • Small (2.5 mm) infrared (IR) lens is located next to the digital camera lens.
  • Technology is expandable to thermal imaging, UV and EMF pollution exposure and others.

Technology Now Available for Licensing 

The Fraden Smartphone Sensing Technology and IP are now available for licensing to qualified companies with a significant presence in the mobile phone market.  For more information, see the website: or, email:, phone (858) 229-1945, fax: (858) 552-7808.

About Fraden Corp.

Based in San Diego, California, Fraden Corp. is a leading invention company specializing in finding elegant and practical solutions to complex technical problems.  The company’s expertise includes non-contact temperature measurement, air and motion sensor technology, and more, with clients including Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Braun, Gillette, Oculir, CleanAlert and more.  Dr. Jacob Fraden, the holder of over 50 patents and the Fraden Corporation president, is the inventor of the popular ThermoScan Ear Thermometer, Instant Oral Thermometer, and Motion Sensors, among many other products.  The Fraden team uses strong engineering and scientific background in physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, computer science, physiology, medicine and many other fields, along with common sense and many years of experience.  For more information, see

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