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Rogowski Coils and Modules from Standex Electronics Are Ideal for High Current Metering Applications

Cincinnati, OH – Standex Electronics manufactures Rogowski coils and modules in custom configurations to meet high current metering applications.  They are ideal for use within hybrid circuit breakers and other components used in smart metering.   In addition to assisting with wire selection and number of turns to optimize application parameters, Standex engineers assist with integration of components, development of custom packaging, and value added features such as shielding, PCB with ground plane to reduce noise, and more.

Rogowski coils are wire wound “air” core toroids used to measure AC current.  The AC current that is measured creates a magnetic field which induces a voltage in the Rogowski coil that is proportional to the change in current.  They are ideal for high current metering applications because of their very high accuracy.

A conductor which carries the current to be measured passes through the center of the Rogoswki coil which senses the change in current.  An integrator transforms the signal to be measured while a filter eliminates any noise within the signal.  Advances in digital IC measurement technology have substantially increased integrator reliability, fueling their acceptance within applications such as smart metering.

Among the benefits of this proven technology are low cost, very good linearity over measurement range, very good high current measuring capability, low power consumption, no DC/high current saturation problem, very low output variation with temperature, no DC offset problem, and no saturation and hysteresis problem.

In addition to assisting customers with wire selection and number of turns, Standex engineers provide value added features like integration of internal components, PCB with ground plane to reduce noise, shield layers to isolate Rogowski coils, custom packaging and more.

“Smart metering applications have clearly fueled the increase in interest for these highly accurate measurement devices,” said Christian Rogiers, Director of Global Marketing for Standex Electronics.  “Our engineers continue to add value by assisting with wire selection and determining number of turns to optimize the product for the intended application.  In house molding means that we can package the coils to suit customer requirements.”

Standex Electronics is a subsidiary of Standex International Corporation, a publicly-traded diversified manufacturer of products for many markets. (NYSE-SXI). Standex Electronics is a manufacturer of custom electro-magnetic components and assemblies, including reed switches and relays, transformers and inductors, proximity and fluid-level sensors, antennas and coils, connectors, lighting products, as well as current sense and planar transformers. Standex Electronics provides custom solutions to its customers serving a variety of markets such as Military and Aerospace, Medical, General Industrial, Automotive, Major Appliance, HVAC/R, Utility Metering, Lighting, Recreational and Off Highway Vehicles, Security, Space, and Green markets, including Solar, Electric Cars, Smart Meters, etc. Standex Electronics has world-class facilities in the United States, Mexico, The United Kingdom, Canada, and China. All facilities are ISO 9001 registered for quality assurance. For more information, call +1.866.STANDEX, contact Standex Electronics, Inc., at 4538 Camberwell Road, Cincinnati, OH 45209, USA, visit, or e-mail them at .

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