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Clip-on shoes let horses clip-clop in comfort


Having iron plates slapped on the bottom of your feet would make walking and running pretty uncomfortable, and one Austrian startup believes it doesn’t do horses much good either. The team behind Megasus Horserunners has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a horseshoe alternative it says will allow for more natural hoof movements, and can be easily clipped on and taken off as required.
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One thought on “Clip-on shoes let horses clip-clop in comfort”

  1. the mega-lock tape version is useless, it didn’t last even 10 kilometers, after mounting, and on another horse, for rehab purposes only lasted 2.5 days the grass was piling up between the clips and velcro, and never fitting and sticking together again.

    not recommended to replace iron shoes with these, although it looks good, the advertising is great, but no nails, no iron, but no good!

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