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Fish Fry 500: The Best of Makers Today! (Now on YouTube!)

In anticipation of the 500th episode of Amelia’s Weekly Fish Fry (and the upcoming launch of Fish Fry on Youtube!), we are highlighting playlists of episodes cultivated from years of podcastin’ fun! This week, we revisit my limited edition Maker Series, where I interview innovative movers and shakers in the Maker space. Our Makers discuss their creative processes, where they find the inspirations for their innovative designs, and how they are changing the Maker landscape.

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Karen Corbeill

In honor of Women in Engineering Day, I interview maker, teacher, content creator for element14’s Learning Circuit, and Power Racing record holder Karen Corbeill. We discuss her role in the creation of an adult maker group called the Mad City Makers, what her STEAMboat workshops are all about, and where she sees the role of women in the maker movement headed in the future.


Lorraine Underwood

In this episode, I chat with teacher, maker, and author Lorraine Underwood. Lorraine and I talk about her participation in the #badass Women Makers and Engineers Contest at element14, the cool projects she has created, and why she wrote the book Save the World with Code.


Max Maxfield

EE Journal Editor Max Maxfield joins me in this episode of Makers Today! We discuss his creative process, what motivates him to create the fantastic projects he has designed, and why one particular piece of advice from his mother made all the difference in his life.


Art by Physicist (Kitty Yeung)

In our fourth installment, Kitty Yeung, founder and designer at Art by Physicist joins me to discuss her successful high tech fashion kickstarter campaign. We also chat about her work as a creative technologist, her passion for quantum computing, and how the worlds of high tech fashion and quantum computing overlap in her life.


Dr. Duino (Guido Bonelli)

The one and only Dr. Duino (aka Guido Bonelli) joins me for this episode of Makers Today! Guido and I examine how art and electronic design intertwine in his life. We also chat about the inspiration behind his “Goonie Box” creation and how the COVID19 pandemic inspired him to create the Social Distancing Arduino Project.


OKdo! (Katie Clubb and Richard Curtin)

We are switching things up for our sixth installment of Makers Today! Katie Clubb, Richard Curtin and I discuss OKdo’s mission to inspire innovation with the Okdo Projects Hub, how you can recycle your pre-loved Raspberry Pis with their new Okdo Renew Program, and how they are encouraging STEM education throughout the world.


Dr. Gough Lui

In the seventh episode of Makers Today, I welcome Dr. Gough Lui. We  discuss his role as a top member of the element14 community, the details of his recent blog post about a crude inverter design, and how the gift of a car battery as a child inspired him to experiment with electronic design.

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