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AC-DC power supply range extended to 1kW for medical or industrial applications

XP Power today announced additions to its SHP and MHP series of high power density fan cooled AC-DC power supplies. The SHP1000 and MHP1000 are highly efficient, typically 85%, have a power density of up to 8.9 Watts/cubic inch and can provide 1000 W across the full input range of 90-264 VAC. Models with an output of 24 VDC or greater are capable of providing up to 1200 W when used with an input of 180 VAC or greater. A range of 6 models provide the single outputs of +12, +15, +24, +28, + 36 or +48 VDC. The output is user adjustable within +/- 10% of nominal. A +5VDC, 1A always on output is also provided for standby purposes.

The MHP1000 range meets the UL/IEC60601-1 safety specification for medical equipment as well as EN55022/EN55011 EMC limits of Class B for conducted emissions and Class A for radiated. The SHP1000 range compiles with the UL/IEC60950-1 standards for ITE equipment, meets SEMI F47 requirements and EN55022 EMC limits for Class B conducted and Class A radiated.

These compact units, measuring just 242.6 x 149.8 x 61.0 mm (9.55 x 5.90 x 2.40 inches), can deliver full output power from -20 to +50 degrees C and with derating up to +70 degrees C. The units are capable of start up from as low as -40 degrees C. Both the SHP and MHP employ a variable speed fan for noise reduction.

Available control signals include AC OK and remote on/off. An active single wire current share capability is also provided to allow sharing of loads across multiple units or for configuration of redundant systems, remote sense is also provided.

For 500 unit orders the SHP1000 is priced at $351 and the MHP1000 $468.00. Now in stock, they are available from Newark or direct from XP Power.

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