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Fish Fry 500: The Best of Artificial Intelligence (Now on YouTube!)

In anticipation of the 500th episode of Amelia’s Weekly Fish Fry (and the upcoming launch of Fish Fry on Youtube!), we are highlighting playlists of episodes cultivated from years of podcastin’ fun!  Subscribe to the EE Journal YouTube channel to catch them all. 

We’re only four weeks away from the 500th episode of Amelia’s Weekly Fish Fry. This week, we feature a topic that has taken on a bigger and bigger role in electronic engineering: artificial intelligence and machine learning. If you are interested in the largest AI processor ever made, neuromorphic computing, or how AI can predict the weather better than the weatherman – check out this selection of Fish Fry podcasts.

AI for Everything

In this episode of Fish Fry, Aaron Tersteeg (Intel) and I discuss Intel’s OpenVINO tool kit. We investigate the biggest AI inferencing challenges facing us today, the details of the OpenVINO “write once, deploy anywhere” approach, and what you should keep in mind when starting a new AI project.


Crafting the Next Generation of AI – Deci Is Looking to Change How We Build Artificial Intelligence

In this podcast, Yonatan Geifman (Co-founder and CEO – Deci) joins me to discuss how we can use AI itself to craft the next generation of AI. We also chat about how developers can streamline artificial intelligence development and where AI is headed in the next couple years and decades to come. Also this week, I take a closer look at new research from an international group of researchers that aims to answer the question: What if photonics can help us better recognize patterns for machine learning?


AI’s Next Giant Leap: How Intel is Advancing the Neuromorphic Computing Revolution

In this Fish Fry podcast episode, Mike Davies (Intel) joins me to investigate the past, present, and future of neuromorphic computing. Mike and I discuss how neuromorphic computing will usher in a new age of artificial intelligence, the details of Intel’s Loihi 2 neuromorphic chip, and why Intel’s Lava open-source software framework is crucial to the success of this new neuromorphic computing revolution.


The Challenges of On-Device AI Development: Yes, AI Can Predict the Rain Better than the Weatherman

Artificial Intelligence reigns supreme in this Fish Fry podcast! First up, we take a closer look at DeepMind’s new foray into rainfall prediction. Pulin Desai (Cadence Design Systems) also joins me to discuss the requirements for on-device AI today, what you need to consider when developing an on-device AI system, and how Cadence is taking on on-device AI with its new Tensilica AI platform.


The Most Important Compute Workloads of a Generation: How Cerebras Systems is Accelerating AI

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the largest AI processor ever made! In this Fish Fry podcast, Andy Hock (Cerebras Systems) joins me to chat about the largest AI processor ever made – the 7 nm wafer scale engine 2, the details of their brain-scale AI training, and how Cerebras Systems is democratizing access to high performance AI computation.

The Rise of Smart Machines: MicroAI is Accelerating the Development of Machines that Self Diagnose

Artificial intelligence is the name of the game in this podcast. My guest is Yasser Kahn – Founder and CEO of MicroAI. Yasser and I chat about what sets MicroAI apart from other edge AI providers, the benefits of proactive maintenance at the edge versus the cloud, and how MicroAI is advancing the next generation of smart machines. Also this week, I take a closer look at how DeepMind’s new deep neural network – called Ithaca – is unlocking the secrets of ancient texts.


AI to Save the Day: Athinia Uses Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to Help Solve Semi Challenges

Can big data and artificial intelligence help solve the problems plaguing the semiconductor industry? That is exactly the topic of this week’s Fish Fry podcast! Athinia CEO Laura Matz joins me to discuss how Athinia is using AI and big data to solve critical semiconductor challenges. We discuss collaboration across the semiconductor industry, how Athinia is creating new insights in material optimization, and why military-grade requirements for data security are integral to Althinia’s cloud infrastructure and operations.

Re-Inventing Home Security: Infineon’s New AI/ML-based Acoustic Event Detection Smart Alarm System

In this Fish Fry podcast, David Jones (Infineon) and I chat about Infineon’s new battery-powered Smart alarm system. We examine the role that AI and machine learning-based sensor fusion plays in this industry-first acoustic event detection and alarm system, and why this kind of battery-powered home security sensor system could be a game-changer for homes and businesses alike. Also this week, I investigate a new self-charging device developed by a team of researchers from National University of Singapore that can generate electricity from moisture in the air.

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