Lost in the Security Labyrinth

by Kevin Morris

No. Not another security article. Please, haven’t we all had enough? We’re afraid already. We are sick to death of the doomsday warnings about the number of glaring security holes in just about everything we touch and the inadequacy of our own security measures. We don’t want to be lectured again about how careless we’ve been. We don’t need to be pitched yet another snake-oil, safe-as-a-baby’s-bottom, can’t-survive-the-apocalypse-without-it, magic-button security solution - that costs only slightly more than the thing it’s protecting and probably makes it so hard to use that we’ll end up just giving up on the whole thing.

As an editor, I am pitched security stories constantly. It seems that new companies are starting up every single day with a mission to make money from our fear and paranoia. Yes, we could become the Henny Penny Technology Press, running around yelling about how the sky is falling and we’re all doomed. And yes, there are real security threats out there that require all of us - especially engineers - to take reasonable precautions. But our preoccupation with keeping the bad guys at bay may have gotten just a little out of hand, and it’s giving rise to an industry that’s possibly even less scrupulous than those it purports to defend us against.  Read More

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August 28, 2015

Proven Power Solutions for Altera Arria 10 FPGA

August 25, 2015

At-speed in-system programming of flash memory enhanced with ScanWorks FPGA-Controlled Test and IJTAG

August 20, 2015

1.5A, 15V Synchronous Boost Regulator Offers 95% Efficiency, 3MHz Switching & Output Disconnect in a 3mm x 4mm DFN

August 19, 2015

Microsemi Announces its Highly Secure SmartFusion2 and IGLOO2 are Industry's Only FPGAs to Achieve Prestigious DPA Logo Certification

August 18, 2015

Open-Source Virtual Reality Consortium Selects Xilinx All Programmable Devices to Enable Industry's First, Fully Upgradable Virtual Reality Headset

Xilinx Showcases All Programmable Solutions for Data Center Acceleration at Intel Developers Forum 2015

Multiphase DC/DC Controller with 6-Bit VID, ±1% VOUT Accuracy & ±2.5% Phase Current Matching for High Current FPGAs, ASICs & Processors

August 17, 2015

Dual Step-Down DC/DC Controller with Digital Power System Management Drives DrMOS & Power Blocks with Fast 70ms Start-Up

August 13, 2015

Altium Partners WITH Industry-Leading Semiconductor Manufacturer to Release Development Toolset

60V Dual DC/DC Controller with I²C/PMBus Digital Control & Programmable Loop Compensation

August 12, 2015

Microsemi Strengthens its Space Leadership with Availability of RTG4 FPGA Development Kit for High-bandwidth Space Applications

August 11, 2015

Xilinx Showcases All Programmable Solutions for Cloud and Data Center Flash Storage at Flash Memory Summit 2015

Wideband 2GHz to 14GHz Mixer with Integrated LO Frequency Doubler Offers Outstanding IIP3 of 24.4dBm

August 10, 2015

Xilinx Announces LDPC Error Correction IP Fundamental to Enabling Next Generation Flash-Based Applications for the Cloud and Data Center Storage Market

August 04, 2015

Micrium RTOS Kernels Support Xilinx’ All Programmable Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC

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QuickLogic Goes Full SoC for Sensors

posted by Bryon Moyer

QuickLogic has announced a new device that builds on ArcticLink, intended to act as the always-on manager for phones and wearables. (30-Jul)

Rumors Intel Altera Deal is Close

posted by Kevin Morris

The NY Post reported today that sources told them that an Intel/Altera deal was close, and could be done by the end of next week. At the same time, we are hearing from multiple Altera customers who are opposed to the deal. (28-May)

Intel/Altera Agreement (Partially) Tells the Tale

posted by Kevin Morris

We did a lot of speculation in our recent articles about the rumored Intel bid to buy Altera. One of the areas of most intense speculation was the 2013 agreement the two companies signed - for Intel to manufacture 14nm FPGAs for Altera. More than two years after that deal was signed, Intel is rumored to be making an offer to buy Altera for upwards (maybe far upwards) of $10B. But, is the existing 2013 agreement potentially weakening Intel’s bargaining position? (4-May)

Intel Altera Deal Off?

posted by Kevin Morris

Multiple financial news sources are reporting today that talks between Intel and Altera have ended... (9-Apr)

Requirements Modeling and Simulation

posted by Bryon Moyer

Argosim’s new STIMULUS tool is intended to make sure requirements are solid before someone starts building from them. (2-Apr)

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Silicon Pioneer

Posted on 08/27/15 at 9:34 AM by Dick Selwood

Dick Selwood
Do you recognise this portrait of Moore?


Posted on 08/26/15 at 11:19 AM by TotallyLost

It comes down to responsibly taking risks and doing due diligence for mitigating and evaluating those risks.

When dealing with other valuable items, there are well established vetting processes, and more importantly required bonds, for doing business.

New FPGAs... From China?

Posted on 08/26/15 at 10:06 AM by kevin

@gobeavs, Achronix is not toast. They are busy making and selling FPGAs. See Steve Mensor's reply on the other thread where you asked about them:

New FPGAs... From China?

Posted on 08/25/15 at 7:14 AM by gobeavs

Speaking of FPGA startups, what is the latest with Achronix?

They must have died by now. I see no new press releases. I see no new funding for them.

They must be toast.

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