EE Journal has run hundreds of digital marketing campaigns engaging engineers across the entire electronics industry for more than a decade.

Our marketing programs generate a full range of engagement from branding and messaging to deep technical immersion that’s appropriate for where the engineer team is in the design cycle. We’ve developed and optimized the best tools and best practices for each stage of the descision process, and created an integrated campaign strategy that follows the engineer through all levels of engagement and provides the most effective experience at each level.



Targeted Display Advertising

Put your branding and messaging where it matters most: in front of the engineers and managers who make the design-in and purchase decisions across the entire electronics industry.

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Content Marketing/

Demand Generation

“Boost” Your Content Marketing

VideoBoost  --  BlogBoost  --  PaperBoost

Generate dramatically more engagement using the content you already have. Our “Boost” services put your videos, blogs, and technical papers in front of engineers and managers who are actively shopping for your products and services. 

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Chalk Talk On-Demand Webcasts

Sponsor an episode of the industry’s longest-running and most popular on-demand webcast series. All you need is a PowerPoint presentation, a speaker, and an hour or two in the comfort of your own conference room. Chalk Talk is the easiest webcast you’ll ever do, and generates massive engagement with your most important messages.

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