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Targeted Display Advertising in EE Journal gives maximum impact for minimum budget.

Targeted Display Advertising focuses on the audience segments you choose, and allows you to hit those targeted segments with optimized positioning on the home page of, in context-matched content pages, and in EE Journal Daily email newsletters. And, your ads show on desktop, tablet, and mobile – putting your branding and messaging right where it counts.

Every campaign needs branding and awareness components to reach and influence the 99% of the target audience that isn’t yet actively making a purchase decision. Targeted Display Advertising lets you make those critical positive impressions efficiently and effectively.

What You Get

Each Targeted Display Advertising campaign includes top, middle, and bottom banner placements plus a descriptive text ad/link on the home page of, in the content areas of, and in relevant email newsletters.

You make an impression regardless of where on the page the viewer is going, or how they access our content. If they read our email newsletters, you’re there. If they come to our home page, you’re there. If they come from a search engine directly to our articles, news stories, or forum topics, you’re there as well. Even if they flow in from a social media site like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn – your message is delivered, right alongside our audience-engaging content.

To be sure your budget is focused on the audience you want, your ads are matched with content pages on the topics you choose. You pick the topics from our list of targeting channels, and we deliver them in an optimized fashion.

How do you know if your campaign is working?

We send you a monthly report of all your campaign results. Plus, we give you a secure login to our ad server where you can monitor and track your campaign in real time and download results and reports, as well as assistance and training from a Techfocus Media associate who will help you with any questions you may have.

What You Give Us (Specifications)

1.  First, purchase the total number of adviews that matches your program goals and budget. 

You can purchase any number of adviews. The following table gives rough guidance for various lengths and strengths of campaigns:


2.  When you’re ready to get started, give us at least one two-ad group.

Note: You may submit as many of these two-ad groups as you like. Each two-ad group may be targeted separately to reach the audience you desire.

Each two-ad group requires:

  • IAB standard “Medium Rectangle” (300×250)
  • IAB standard “Leaderboard” (728×90)

Each ad must be submitted as .jpg or .gif. (.gif may be animated).

Optionally, you may ALSO include:

  • “Large Rectangle” (336×280)
  • “Super Leaderboard” (970×90)

Note: These are in addition to the Medium Rectangle and Leaderboard above, and will be substituted in some situations where the responsive layout makes more space available.

Each ad may also optionally be submitted in rich-media format for the web (HTML5, etc.) and may be delivered using popular third-party ad server tags. A .jpg or .gif ad is still required for browsers that do not support rich media and for email newsletters.

Ad materials are due one week prior to publication, and must be submitted to

* each ad above should meet IAB banner ad standards

** each ad above requires a target URL for click-thrus

3.  Finally, for each two-ad group you submit, we’ll need to know:

(a) Start date and end date for this two-ad group

(b) Number of adviews you want to allocate to this two-ad group

(c) (optional) Any combination of targeting categories from the list below
(Note: If you don’t choose categories, your ads will be served to all the targeting categories.)

(d) (optional) If you want to restrict this two-ad group to certain countries, a list of those countries. (Note: if you do not choose countries, your ads will be served globally.)

Targeting Categories:

 Analog and Mixed-Signal Design
6dc421c962974180c76feaa6f9e3e097 Board and Module Design
2ed68b47dc48e0756f095dfaed58818e Communications, Networking, Wired, Wireless
61b72620eb1bdbd66e5304edcee6ab62 Computers, Peripherals, Storage
b05663ce04bcf007f19e581b681a4d03 Consumer Electronics
3531e724fdb6a32c9c40898c4378499d EDA, Design Tools, IP-based Design
943ba5f3810b74faae26f7bc96e408ae Embedded Systems Design (Hardware/Software)
add284cdc8d740f938a53a64a43f483c Engineering Career, Life, People
dcb8df9c17cb518ca9fd60ce2c40ca8f FPGA and Programmable Logic Design
2723c7c071e4e549e46e862cf423bd90 Green Technology
a5d395748697229ab620b22cb2150e62 Industrial, Automotive, Controls, Manufacturing
681e385547747cb18c19f9abdca6dfda IoT & MEMS
maker Maker & Hobby
0f5ff20f6a9ac20782e56a1039ddee92 Medical and Imaging Equipment
f2c0c8c1d66901e05af80b2c690a1e88 Mil/Aero, Military, Aerospace, High reliability
705e01023d965495aee6342e00e178b3 Mobile Devices
cbda15800fffdd0ffd52d022556682f0 Power, Energy and Lighting Design
robotics_chiclet25 Robotics
ccb2b6292bb34e43085e41c00f5cbe0a Semiconductor & IC Design
059015c0f9ce067430d7b1399e850000 Software Development
0a1598a40d559338eaabbbc61e9bc517 Test, Measurement, Instrumentation

What It Costs

Targeted Display Advertising is sold on a CPM basis. 

Cost per 1,000 adviews (CPM) $160

Discounts are available. Contact your sales representative for a quote specific to your campaign needs. Dates are subject to availability and prior sale. Dates are only reserved once a signed Insertion Order is received, and cancellation fees apply.

Click here for our Terms & Cancellation Policy.