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Techfocus Media’s acclaimed EEJOURNAL publication looks far beyond the news, delivering to the electronics engineering community the insight and information they need to make critical business and design decisions. We provide thought-provoking answers and analysis in a style that’s interesting, informative, engaging, and fun.

Our editorial team combines decades of industry experience in engineering and electronics technology with a passion for in-depth analysis and journalistic objectivity. Each of our editors is a recognized expert in the technology areas they cover, with a hands-on practical perspective that our audience loves.

No other trade publication matches the insight, analysis, personality, and humor that keeps our audience of engineering professionals coming back year after year.

The cornerstones of our content are our high-quality feature articles, researched and written by our own editorial staff.

We do not post an editorial calendar, as the fast-paced nature of today’s technology combined with the near-instantaneous delivery capabilities of new media require fast and flexible editorial planning.

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As of January 2017, EE Journal no longer accepts contributed articles. We pride ourselves on our original content and our editorial objectivity, and we have decided that articles contributed by companies, regardless of their quality, give the appearance of marketing bias. We encourage you to continue to work with our editorial team to support our creation of the high-quality, independent, objective content that people associate with EE Journal.

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