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Everybody knows that the key to successful content marketing is high-quality, engaging content – distributed to an attentive, relevant audience.

Chalk Talk on-demand webcasts are a unique concept pioneered by EE Journal. They combine the large audience loyalty of a popular ongoing series with the education power of your company’s best presenters and topics.

Now in their ninth year, Chalk Talk webcasts have built a huge following among engineers. Hosted by EE Journal’s Amelia Dalton, each episode begins on Amelia’s chalkboard where she delivers a short, witty introduction to your technical topic – illustrated with notes and diagrams. She then introduces your speaker and conducts an engaging question-and-answer style interview throughout your presentation.

Chalk Talks have built an enthusiastic, loyal audience with thousands of viewers watching each episode – delivered in streaming HD to web browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. The casual, humorous style, interview format, and high-quality production keep the audience engaged and interested in your topic.

What You Get

Your Chalk Talk sponsorship includes a full episode of our popular series – dedicated exclusively to you. Your Chalk Talk episode will be available on demand for an entire year, and includes massive promotion to attract viewers to hear your message.First, we fly to your location and record your presenter in a no-pressure, calm environment. All you need is a PowerPoint deck, a person to present it, a headshot of your presenter, and an hour or two in your own conference room. We handle the rest.

Our professional audio editor will make your presenter sound great, cleaning out all the “ums” and “uhs” and giving you unlimited do-overs so that your message is clear and professional. We’ll craft a clever and funny intro on Amelia’s famous Chalk Talk chalkboard – to engage the audience and set the tone for the presentation. We’ll turn your presentation into an interactive “interview” format between Amelia and your presenter, and we’ll spice it up with real-time animations to hold the audience’s interest and to focus their attention on the points that matter most.

After we complete post-production, we’ll send you a proof link to make sure everything turned out all right. Then, your Chalk Talk will go live!

Your Chalk Talk episode will be launched with a web, social media, and e-mail blitz – and then promoted to the EE Journal engineering audience for an entire year. This includes promotion on:

  • home page
  • content pages – articles, news stories, etc.
  • EE Journal Daily e-mail newsletters
  • EE Journal YouTube channel
  • EE Journal Facebook page
  • EE Journal Twitter stream
  • dedicated e-mail blast to our Chalk Talk subscriber list

Over the course of a one-year run, your Chalk Talk will generate enormous engagement with our engineering audience.

Each Chalk Talk also includes linking to one “more info” call-to-action asset such as an accompanying white paper, datasheet, or demo download. These assets dramatically improve your lead capture and qualification.

What You Give Us

All you need is:

  • a PowerPoint deck
  • a presenter
  • an hour or two in your own conference room

We do the rest. It’s that easy. Really.

Before we go live, we’ll also need a URL for your call-to-action link. This link normally goes to a location on your website, and promotes a related white paper, dev-kit purchase, software download, or other “more info” asset.

Wanna know how easy it really is? Read our Pre Chalk Talk Instructions.

What It Costs

Chalk Talk webcasts run on-demand for one year and include our travel to your location (Continental U.S.), full production, promotion, hosting, and reporting: $16,000 per episode.

Discounts are available. Contact your sales representative for a quote specific to your campaign needs.

Or, fill out the form below and one of our experts will help you see how Chalk Talk can help you reach our electronic engineering audience with your in-depth message.

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