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Boost Engagement with Your Company’s Videos

If your company is like most of our sponsors, you spend a lot of time and energy creating videos to support your content marketing and awareness programs. Unfortunately, those videos often languish on your YouTube channel, gathering little engagement.

VideoBoost from EE Journal can dramatically increase the engagement with your company’s videos.

Our highly optimized VideoBoost service takes full advantage of EE Journal’s huge engineering audience and massive social media engagement to drive the maximum number of qualified engineering viewers to your videos.

VideoBoost will drive an incredible number of well-targeted engineers and managers to watch your videos and generate highly qualified clicks through to your call-to-action links.

Contact our sales team today and learn how VideoBoost from EE Journal can help you become a video marketing hero at your company.

What You Get

Your boosted videos will be listed as “Featured Videos” on:

  • home page
  • content pages – articles, news stories, etc.
  • EE Journal Daily e-mail newsletters
  • EE Journal YouTube channel
  • EE Journal Facebook page
  • EE Journal Twitter stream

With each boosted video you also get one “call-to-action” link/URL to drive qualified viewers to the call-to-action of your choice such as: “Click Here to buy the development kit now!”

What You Give Us

For each video you want to boost (you can purchase up to 20 boosts per month), just send us:

  • your video file (any length, 1GB max)
  • the video title
  • a brief description (500 characters or less)
  • “call-to-action” link where you’d like to direct video viewers who are interested to learn more.

We’ll take care of the rest.

What It Costs

List price $3,500 per month per video.

Discounts are available. Contact your sales representative for a quote specific to your campaign needs.

Click here for our Terms & Cancellation Policy.

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