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Boost Engagement with Your Company’s Blogs

If your company is like most of our sponsors, you spend a lot of time and energy on your customer-facing blog to support your content marketing and awareness programs. Blogs are one of the most effective and versatile vehicles for engaging customers and prospects. Unfortunately, many blogs don’t get the exposure they deserve sitting on company websites.

BlogBoost from EE Journal can dramatically increase the engagement with your company’s blog.

BlogBoost takes full advantage of EE Journal’s huge engineering audience and massive social media engagement to drive the maximum number of qualified engineering viewers to your blog posts.

BlogBoost works directly from the RSS feed you’re already publishing, so there’s no effort required on your part. Your blog posts will automatically be featured on the home page of, in our content pages, in our e-mail newsletters, on our Facebook page, and in our Twitter stream, bringing well-targeted engineering viewers directly to your blog on your website.

Contact our sales team today and learn how BlogBoost from EE Journal can help you become a content marketing hero at your company.

What You Get

Your boosted posts will be listed as “Featured Blogs” on:

  • home page
  • content pages – articles, news stories, etc.
  • EE Journal Daily e-mail newsletters
  • EE Journal Facebook page
  • EE Journal Twitter stream

You also get a dedicated “Sponsor Page” on that features your latest blog posts, your company’s YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook channels, any Chalk Talks and VideoBoosts you’re running, and the latest mentions of your company in the editorial sections of

What You Give Us

All we need is the RSS feed for your blog. Our automated system takes it from there. Then, just keep on blogging as usual. Your results will be reported in your monthly report as well as through our ad server.

What It Costs

List price $4,000 per month.

Discounts are available. Contact your sales representative for a quote specific to your campaign needs.

Click here for our Terms & Cancellation Policy.

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