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Flex Power Modules extends eighth-brick DC/DC series to include telecom input range

Flex Power Modules has added a new part to their popular BMR492 series which now features a wide 36-75 V input range for telecom/PoE applications. The through-hole BMR492 0311/011 provides a regulated 12 V output rated at 504 W / 42 A adjustable from 8-13.2 V, and achieves 96% efficiency at half load. Monitoring and control functions are provided via an optional PMBus® interface and the part is supported by the Flex Power Designer tool for easy set-up and characterization in customer application circuits.

The BMR4920311/011 has a 2250 V isolation rating and features an optional baseplate for effective heat transfer to an attached heatsink. The part is halogen-free and is fully protected against short-circuits, output over-voltage, over-temperature and input under-voltage. The product is in the industry-standard eighth-brick format, measuring 58.4 x 22.7 x 12.7 mm with baseplate fitted.

Olle Hellgren, Director Product Management and Marketing of Flex Power Modules comments, “The BMR492 is a great solution for power-dense data center DC/DC conversion and now it can be used in traditional telecom applications as well which need the wider input voltage operation”.

About Flex Power Modules
Flex Power Modules, a business line of Flex, is a leading manufacturer and solution provider of scalable DC/DC power converters. The business primarily serves the data processing, communications, industrial and transportation markets with a wide range of both isolated and non-isolated, regulated and non-regulated solutions. Further information can be found at or on LinkedIn.

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