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Developing Functions for Highly Automated Driving with an Electronic Horizon in HD Quality – Faster and with Less Effort

dSPACE introduces new ADASIS v3 Horizon Reconstructor Blockset
  • Easy access to highly precise map data in Simulink
  • Horizon reconstructor from Elektrobit as basis for smooth prototyping and series production
  • Efficient management of map data

Wixom, Michigan, April 12, 2019: With the new ADASIS v3 Horizon Reconstructor Blockset, dSPACE expands its range of solutions for the fast and easy development of functions for automated and autonomous driving. The blockset is based on the EB robinos reconstructor from Elektrobit, which is suitable for series production.

The new blockset provides the electronic horizon in HD quality via the standardized ADASIS v3 protocol, making exact route and position data available to applications in Simulink. In contrast to conventional vehicles, highly automated and autonomous vehicles must be able to recognize where they are with a precision of only a few centimeters to be able to move safely through traffic. With the new blockset, alternative vehicle positions can now be determined to the centimeter including their probabilities of occurrence. Detailed environment data, e.g., for intersections with individual lanes, enable precise maneuver calculations. Developers also benefit from the new map management, which lets them manage large volumes of data in ADASIS v3. The horizon reconstructor makes only required data available and automatically deletes superfluous data.

Since the blockset is based on the EB robinos reconstructor for ADASIS v3 by Elektrobit, developers do not have to implement their own horizon reconstructor or know the details of the ADASIS protocol. “Users can fully concentrate on application development and quickly experience the results in the vehicle. Using the EB robinos Reconstructor ensures a smooth development from prototyping and transfer to the production-intent ECU,” says Dr. Michael Reichel, Head of Product Management Automated Driving at Elektrobit.

The clear structure of the Horizon Reconstructor Blockset enables a quick and easy connection to the application in the vehicle. For example, adding only two blocks to the existing Simulink model makes it possible to access profiles of a vehicle trajectory.

“The new blockset is another building block in our end-to-end tool chain for autonomous driving. It supports the development of map-based ADAS applications and functions for autonomous driving on dSPACE prototyping systems and our PC-based simulation platform VEOS”, explains Gregor Hordys, Product Engineer for Advanced Application and Technologies at dSPACE.

About dSPACE:

Founded in 1988, dSPACE develops and markets integrated hardware and software tools for developing and testing ECUs. As a one-stop supplier, dSPACE is a sought-after partner and solution provider in many cutting-edge development areas of the automotive industry, from electromobility and automotive networks to autonomous driving. The customer base therefore includes almost all major automobile manufacturers and suppliers. dSPACE systems are also used in aerospace and other industries. With more than 1,700 employees worldwide, dSPACE is headquartered in Paderborn, Germany, has three project centers in Germany, and is represented by regional dSPACE companies in the U.S., U.K., France, Japan, China, and Croatia.

About Elektrobit (EB):

Elektrobit (EB) is an award-winning and visionary global supplier of embedded and connected software products and services for the automotive industry. A leader in automotive software with over 30 years serving the industry, EB‘s software powers over one billion devices in more than 100 million vehicles and offers flexible, innovative solutions for connected car infrastructure, human machine interface (HMI) technologies, navigation, driver assistance, electronic control units (ECUs), and software engineering services. EB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental. For more information, visit us at

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