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Connecting the Dots

Siloti Helps Reveal the Picture

by Bryon Moyer

Dot-to-dots are a fundamental part of American kiddie culture. Maybe it’s universal; I don’t want to speak to things I know nothing about… (much). But at least here in the US, it’s a typical child’s pastime (or homework busywork to placate parents that don’t want their children wasting their time playing): a piece of paper has a few strategically-placed numbered dots. You fill in the missing information by supplying the path between the dots; the result should reveal an image that wasn’t evident at the start.  Read More

Recent Product News

March 29, 2012

Energy Micro adds new ultra-compact BGA48 package to Gecko range for space-constrained applications

March 28, 2012

Touch Revolution Announces Availability of New 15.6” TRū Slim Line Multi-Touch Monitor

TI’s SimpleLink GPS CC4000 brings GPS capabilities to microcontroller-based applications

TEWS TECHNOLOGIES introduces PMC Module with High-Density User-Programmable FPGA

Timesys Announces LinuxLink for Boundary Devices Nitrogen6X Development Kit

March 26, 2012

Renesas Electronics Packs RX Punch into a Smaller Package to Support Cost-Sensitive Industrial and Consumer Applications

Mouser Electronics Connects with Engineers Through High Technology IndyCar Platform

Avnet Express' Drive for Innovation Exclusive Sponsor of the DESIGN West University Grant Program A

The Process of Process Tracking

Satin Attempts to Corral a Recalcitrant Beast

by Bryon Moyer

Breaking the System

Good Pieces Don’t Always Make a Good Whole

by Bryon Moyer

Let's Get Small

Smaller Chips, Smaller RTOS, Smaller Shows

by Jim Turley

Design West 2012 Shakedown

by Amelia Dalton




BREXIT, ARM and Uncertainty

Posted on 07/28/16 at 11:23 AM by AsheVic

Best article yet on BREXIT and ARM, Dick, thanks.

Processing Parallel Worlds

Posted on 07/26/16 at 4:07 PM by TotallyLost

Parallel processing isn't new, despite the marketing hype. It's been a fundamental part of computing, especially niche application computing, for nearly 50 years, with the limit's clear set from the beginning with Amdahl's law and Gustafson's law.


Processing Parallel Worlds

Posted on 07/26/16 at 1:17 PM by Lord Loh.

Lord Loh.
I wonder if human brain works this way.

Keeping the FCC and Open Source Happy

Posted on 07/25/16 at 10:50 AM by bmoyer

Do you think that prpl's virtualization proof-of-concept solves the FCC's concerns?

Stand (Tall) and Deliver

Posted on 07/23/16 at 9:03 PM by amelia

It was definitely a joke. He was kidding their President Michael Ligthart who is very tall.

Stand (Tall) and Deliver

Posted on 07/22/16 at 6:50 PM by Lord Loh.

Lord Loh.
Did a Co. seriously have a height requirement for employees? I am sure it was a joke.

Or, I would not be surprised if got sued for discrimination...

From Boards to Systems

Posted on 07/21/16 at 7:43 PM by TotallyLost

And exactly the same problem occurs for FPGA synthesis, place and route software ... and FPGA/EDA companies get it wrong. Including mentor.

The majority of design wins come from Tall/Thin engineers ... the big companies have specialists.

Tall/Thin e…

To Err is Human

Posted on 07/20/16 at 11:44 AM by TotallyLost

There is NO VALID statistical basis to claim any average/mean deaths per mile. It will take multiple events to make any comparison with national or world averages. Tesla Claims their technology is safer after a single death in 130M miles, however that is …

When Galaxies Collide

Posted on 07/19/16 at 2:37 PM by RahRho

Coventor's tool is not a process simulator in the TCAD sense. They themselves have referred to SEMulator3D as a process emulation tool.

Coventor had a …

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