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Connecting the Dots

Siloti Helps Reveal the Picture

by Bryon Moyer

Dot-to-dots are a fundamental part of American kiddie culture. Maybe it’s universal; I don’t want to speak to things I know nothing about… (much). But at least here in the US, it’s a typical child’s pastime (or homework busywork to placate parents that don’t want their children wasting their time playing): a piece of paper has a few strategically-placed numbered dots. You fill in the missing information by supplying the path between the dots; the result should reveal an image that wasn’t evident at the start.  Read More

Recent Product News

March 29, 2012

Energy Micro adds new ultra-compact BGA48 package to Gecko range for space-constrained applications

March 28, 2012

Touch Revolution Announces Availability of New 15.6” TRū Slim Line Multi-Touch Monitor

TI’s SimpleLink GPS CC4000 brings GPS capabilities to microcontroller-based applications

TEWS TECHNOLOGIES introduces PMC Module with High-Density User-Programmable FPGA

Timesys Announces LinuxLink for Boundary Devices Nitrogen6X Development Kit

March 26, 2012

Renesas Electronics Packs RX Punch into a Smaller Package to Support Cost-Sensitive Industrial and Consumer Applications

Mouser Electronics Connects with Engineers Through High Technology IndyCar Platform

Avnet Express' Drive for Innovation Exclusive Sponsor of the DESIGN West University Grant Program A

The Process of Process Tracking

Satin Attempts to Corral a Recalcitrant Beast

by Bryon Moyer

Breaking the System

Good Pieces Don’t Always Make a Good Whole

by Bryon Moyer

Let's Get Small

Smaller Chips, Smaller RTOS, Smaller Shows

by Jim Turley

Design West 2012 Shakedown

by Amelia Dalton




PNI Turns Navigation, Kalman Upside Down

Posted on 02/08/16 at 9:07 AM by bmoyer

What do you think of PNI Sensors' approach to reducing GPS-reading power?

Xilinx 1, Intel 0

Posted on 02/06/16 at 1:06 PM by beercandyman

I'll just point out that TSMC 16nm is really just 20nm with a finfet. I'll also point out that the latest part from Xilinx is just a little bigger than their last part. Altera did a big change in the architecture of the Stratix 10. For example single prec…

Magnets Help the Harvest

Posted on 02/04/16 at 10:07 PM by TotallyLost

In the first case with the fan and magnets, anything that increases loading of the fan, will incur losses in the fan motor, in addition to what is coupled off.

Now assuming you really need to move the air for cooling something, then the proper engineer…

Magnets Help the Harvest

Posted on 02/04/16 at 11:24 AM by bmoyer

What do you think of these magnetic energy harvesting ideas? Attractive? Repulsive?

FPGA Synthesis Showdown

Posted on 02/03/16 at 1:55 PM by TotallyLost

@gobeavs ... I don't think your anonymously attacking Kevin directly and personally in this or any other industry forum has cause, and is certainly way below the degree of professionalism other readers in this forum expect and deserve.

What ever person…

How It’s Built: Micron/Intel 3D NAND

Posted on 02/01/16 at 10:12 AM by bmoyer

What do you think of Micron and Intel's approach to 3D NAND?

Towards Silicon Convergence

Posted on 01/29/16 at 2:36 PM by mrburich

Intel's acquisition of Altera answers the "who is the integrator" question.

Getting Creative with Standards

Posted on 01/27/16 at 12:41 PM by samlefler

Good standards create markets and provide capital that drives innovation: BLE, USB and RS232 as an example.

This year CES featured large number of innovative products based on Bluetooth Smart standard.

For me, standards are my work and innovation is…

All Hail the Dev Kit

Posted on 01/27/16 at 11:24 AM by
I've rarely used evaluation / development kits, even when I've bought them for a project. However I do find a great deal of benefit comes from having the design files (schematics and bills of material) for these boards, as it saves a lot of time getting …

Low Power, Wide Area

Posted on 01/26/16 at 12:47 PM by bmoyer

Ah, gotcha. Honestly, in pulling this together, if specific numbers were specified, then I used them. Some just said "sub-GHz," and were so noted.

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