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Light Show

Synopsys’ OSG Group Helps Designers Put Photons in the Right Place

by Bryon Moyer

Way back in the 80s, I remember talking to someone about the delicacy of putting together the lens stack used to project the light that exposes circuit patterns onto silicon wafers. Those machines must seem hopelessly primitive today (pellicles were just being introduced), and yet, even then, the optics were a delicate matter.

As described to me, the lenses were carefully ground and assembled with thin sheets of paper between them – like the wax paper that keeps slices of deli cheese from sticking together. To assemble, you carefully positioned one lens over its adjoining one, and, when alignment was perfect, you gently slid the paper out. If you got it wrong, there was no return once the paper was removed: the lenses were so precisely ground that the cohesive attraction between the two lenses would make any further minute adjustments impossible.  Read More

Recent Product News

March 29, 2012

Energy Micro adds new ultra-compact BGA48 package to Gecko range for space-constrained applications

March 28, 2012

Touch Revolution Announces Availability of New 15.6” TRū Slim Line Multi-Touch Monitor

TI’s SimpleLink GPS CC4000 brings GPS capabilities to microcontroller-based applications

TEWS TECHNOLOGIES introduces PMC Module with High-Density User-Programmable FPGA

Timesys Announces LinuxLink for Boundary Devices Nitrogen6X Development Kit

March 26, 2012

Renesas Electronics Packs RX Punch into a Smaller Package to Support Cost-Sensitive Industrial and Consumer Applications

Mouser Electronics Connects with Engineers Through High Technology IndyCar Platform

Avnet Express' Drive for Innovation Exclusive Sponsor of the DESIGN West University Grant Program A

The Process of Process Tracking

Satin Attempts to Corral a Recalcitrant Beast

by Bryon Moyer

Breaking the System

Good Pieces Don’t Always Make a Good Whole

by Bryon Moyer

Let's Get Small

Smaller Chips, Smaller RTOS, Smaller Shows

by Jim Turley

Design West 2012 Shakedown

by Amelia Dalton




Is the Consumer IoT Happening?

Posted on 05/02/16 at 10:39 AM by bmoyer

What are you seeing with respect to consumer IoT adoption?

Designing for Directed Self-Assembly

Posted on 04/25/16 at 11:15 AM by bmoyer

What do you think about how DSA fits into the design flow?

NASA puts nationwide traffic control system for drones to the test

Posted on 04/20/16 at 8:54 PM by SteveNordquis4

A source for Gizmag was which is a same-day invite for media to watch one of the 7 test sites at 5pm on the 18th?...nope, 19th-21st we…

Little 3D printed flower vases for your bicycle

Posted on 04/20/16 at 8:37 PM by SteveNordquis4

Put them on a nice pole the rider can carry on a shoulder or a crutch pole, and there ya go; more spillproof than 2 saddlebags worth of floral potting gel.

Man accidentally 'deletes his entire company' with one line of bad code

Posted on 04/20/16 at 8:27 PM by SteveNordquis4

Unchecked parameters to rm -rf (bash via Ansible.)
A step above
sh http://somedomain/spidermethis/
foreach (*0) {*0

The Maytag Effect

Posted on 04/20/16 at 5:28 PM by NicholasLee

Of course remotely vandalising private property is unethical. The only bizarre idea is that it could be legal to do it remotely but illegal to do it in person.

I think it is a wake-up call for consumers to not buy, or rely on, cloud based products, or …

The Maytag Effect

Posted on 04/20/16 at 4:30 PM by Jim Turley

Jim Turley
What do you say, folks? Is it okay to instantly brick a customer's device just because you've decided it's inconvenient to continue supporting it? Or would it be better to just let the machines in the field die off naturally?

How Would You Use 32 Mics?

Posted on 04/18/16 at 10:43 AM by bmoyer

So... what would *you* do with 32 mics?

Seeds planted for London's first wooden skyscraper

Posted on 04/15/16 at 12:47 PM by
OK, which is it? 1 million square feet or 304,800 square meters? The two are not the same by a factor of about 3.3

The Internet of Seeing Things

Posted on 04/14/16 at 6:50 PM by rcousins

I 2nd Vin's sentiments! Coincidentally, we're working on a Zynq project as well (the hardware side - and we see the unique combo of ARM+FPGAs providing a ridiculously compelling path forward in the 'connected computer vision' arena.

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