For over a decade, EE Journal has engaged the worldwide electronic engineering community. offers daily original feature articles from expert editors, the latest industry news, insightful blogs, a rich library of technical papers, lively forums, effective advertising, enternaining and informative podcasts, webcasts, and videos - and over twenty specialized content channels and email newsletters - all serving the professional electronics engineer. - Content Channels

EE Journal is both a broad-market electronic engineering publication and a collection of focused-topic publications. The EE Journal website offers channels of specialized content so readers can customize their experience to meet their specific professional needs.

Each content channel also features an email newsletter so readers can stay informed and up to date on the topics of their choice.


Total Circulation: 352,571 unique viewers

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Audience: Engineering professionals and management engaged in all aspects of electronic engineering. Topics include: digital and analog hardware design, software development, board design, design tools, component selection, custom and programmable chip design, and career and human interest for professional engineers.

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analog.png Analog and Mixed-Signal Design
board.png Board and Module Design
eda.png EDA, Design Tools, IP-based Design

careers.png Engineering Career, Life, People
electromech.png IoT & MEMS
embedded.png Embedded Systems Design (Hardware/Software)
fpga.png FPGA and Programmable Logic Design
semiconductor.png Semiconductor & IC Design
power.png Power, Energy and Lighting Design
software.png Software Development

test.png Test, Measurement, Instrumentation


communications.png Communications, Networking, Wired, Wireless
computer.png Computers, Peripherals, Storage
consumer.png Consumer Electronics
green.png Green Technology
industrial.png Industrial, Automotive, Controls, Manufacturing
maker.png Maker & Hobby
medical.png Medical and Imaging Equipment
milaero.png Mil/Aero, Military, Aerospace, High-reliability
wireless.png Mobile Devices
robotics_chiclet25.png Robotics - Traffic Drivers

Traffic to comes from a wide variety of sources. Our content is widely distributed through social media channels and email newsletters, and we also benefit from a great deal of keyword search engine and direct traffic.


Traffic Drivers - Social Media

EE Journal is much more than a website. Today, an online publication must reach the audience through every available channel, and that means having a large presence in social media.
EE Journal has over 200,000 followers on our Facebook pages, a strong LinkedIn presence, a large and engaged Twitter following, and a growing audience on Google+.
Each new piece of content on EE Journal is cross-posted to all appropriate social media channels, so every new article, blog post, news story, fresh byte, sponsored asset, or Chalk Talk gets exposure through our vast social media presence - all driving traffic back to

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Traffic Drivers - email Newsletters

EE Journal publishes 24 different e-mail newsletters, and we send over a quarter-million emails per week. Our audience can opt-in separately for each newsletter topic, giving them exactly the information they want without feeling "spammed". Our email opt-in lists have grown steadily over our decade-plus history, and we maintain strict "cleaning" procedures handling opt-ins and opt-outs, and automatically removing dead or bounced email addresses from our database.

General Circulation Newsletters:
  • EE Journal Weekly Newsletter 
  • Friday Fun! Weekly Newsletter 
  • Journal on Demand Weekly Newsletter
  • Chalk Talk Newsletter
Targeted Channel Newsletters:
  • FPGA and Programmable Logic Design 
  • Embedded Systems Design (Hardware and Software) 
  • EDA, Design Tools, IP-based Design 
  • Semiconductor & IC Design 
  • IoT & MEMS 
  • Analog and Mixed-Signal Design
  • Board and Module Design
  • Engineering Career, Life, People
  • Power, Energy and Lighting Design
  • Semiconductor & IC Design
  • Software Development
  • Test, Measurement, Instrumentation
  • Computers, Peripherals, Storage
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Green Technology
  • Industrial, Automotive, Controls, Manufacturing
  • Maker & Hobby
  • Medical and Imaging Equipment
  • Mil/Aero, Military, Aerospace, High-reliability
  • Mobile Devices
  • Robotics

Traffic Drivers - Search Engines

EE Journal is experienced at search engine optimization (SEO) and our publication performs extremely well on electronics-related keywords. More important than fancy SEO tricks, however, we have more than a decade of publishing high-quality, relevant content for engineers. The cumulative effect of that original content (over twenty thousand pages of it) - linked from thousands of websites around the world - gives us an enviable position in search-related traffic.
As a result, a substantial portion of traffic to comes from keyword searches on popular search engines.