December 16, 2016

Click-Through Rates

Only Part of the Story

by Karen Simon

I am often asked the question “How does EE Journal’s display advertising compare to the average click-through rate (CTR) for display advertising in the technology industry?”

The answer to this question is always tricky, because I don't find CTR to be a very good measure of display advertising success. Display advertising is best used for awareness campaigns. Clear, memorable messages don't typically require a “click” to effectively result in awareness. 

In addition, there really aren't any meaningful CTR averages for the tech industry. Results would be influenced by the type of audience, the layout of the site, the size of the banner, the call to action, etc. If you google "average banner CTR," it doesn't give you any actionable information. It basically says, “across all formats and placements Ad CTR is 0.17%.”

My answer to the question inevitably comes to this: If you are interested in clicks, there are much better ways to get them than banner ads.

The best way to get clicks is to provide valuable content that your readers want to click on. A good call to action with an attractive offer is a great way to get people to take action and educate themselves on your products. Unfortunately, “If you build it, they will come”, does not apply to content marketing. Once you create a compelling piece of content, it must then be promoted. But never fear, the EE Journal "Boost" products (VideoBoost, PaperBoost, BlogBoost) are specifically designed to maximize engagement with content.

For over 13 years, EE Journal has been building its audience of 350,000 engineers worldwide while perfecting its advertising and content marketing programs. EE Journal is much more than a website. Our complex marketing approach takes full advantage of our established leadership in social media for engineers:

  • 200,000 followers on Facebook
  • 10,000 Twitter followers
  • 3,000 views per day on YouTube
  • Featured as a regular top contributor in technology LinkedIn groups

So, when I am asked a question about click-through rates, there is no simple answer. The response depends on the goal and the medium used. At EE Journal, we highly recommend a combination of awareness campaigns (display advertising) and content marketing for a complete marketing plan. After all, 99% of the audience is not ready to buy just this minute, but they need to be made aware that you offer the products that they will require. When a company is ready to make a purchasing decision, they must be able to easily access the information they seek in order to choose the best solution for their technology. Ensuring that your content is promoted and available by eliminating registration walls is the best way to educate your readers on your solution.

OR, I can offer the simple answer to the CTR question - “EE Journal’s CTR’s are typically higher than the industry average, depending on the product, the quality of the creative, and if the call to action is compelling to engineers.”

If you want meaningful results from your efforts make sure you are using a marketing program that matches your goals. For more ideas about advertising and content marketing check out the EE Journal Media Kit or contact me at You’ll be glad you did!

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