December 8, 2016

Do Engineers Use Social Media?

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

by Karen Simon

4 years ago, a mere 1% of the EE Journal audience came from social media. But we saw the potential when the other engineering publications were arguing that engineers don’t use social media.

Contrary to the actions of other media groups focused on the tech sector, the EE Journal team invested heavily in developing strong social channels and increasing related staffing. The results of these efforts confirmed our belief - engineers are people too.

Engineers are on Facebook and YouTube. They have twitter accounts and maintain a professional profile on LinkedIn. In fact, they are a demographic that was an early adopter of Google+. But, by nature of their jobs, engineers are much more likely to consume content on social media channels than to publish their own content. They simply can’t discuss the projects they are working on and give away their “secret sauce.” But that doesn’t mean they don’t need to do research like everyone else. In fact, they are highly likely to consume technical content in order to be aware of the latest and greatest technology trends.

In 2016, 40% of EE Journal’s audience has come from social media outlets. Our success with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube is due largely to our commitment to consistently providing quality content. In addition to our web traffic of over 350,000 monthly unique visitors and our 300,000 e-newsletters that are sent out weekly, our social media audience consists of:

  • EE Journal’s Facebook Page: 200,000+ followers
  • EE Journal’s Twitter Feed: 10K+ followers, regular retweets
  • EE Journal LinkedIn: Regular group top contributor
  • EE Journal’s YouTube Channel: ­­­­3000 views per day

In order to help technology companies maximize the opportunities available to them with the EE Journal audience, we created new services that are specifically designed to increase engagement with sponsored content. EE Journal’s “Boost” products, which include VideoBoost, BlogBoost, and PaperBoost, take advantage of EE Journal’s huge engineering audience and massive social media engagement to drive the maximum number of qualified engineering viewers to your videos, blogs and technical papers. We have also added our proprietary “boost technology” to our successful Chalk Talk webcast series, which are now providing more than double the results they did in the past.

At EE Journal, we do not recommend that technology companies abandon the traditional digital marketing strategies such as display advertising and email campaigns. But we do highly recommend that you don’t ignore the facts: social media is here to stay, even though it may sometimes seem to be just be a one-way conversation with engineers. We’d love to give your bottom line the same kind of “boost” that has helped ours so dramatically. Contact us for details.

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