Click-Through Rates

Only Part of the Story

by Karen Simon

I am often asked the question “How does EE Journal’s display advertising compare to the average click-through rate (CTR) for display advertising in the technology industry?”

The answer to this question is always tricky, because I don't find CTR to be a very good measure of display advertising success. Display advertising is best used for awareness campaigns. Clear, memorable messages don't typically require a “click” to effectively result in awareness.  Read More


Do Engineers Use Social Media?

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

by Karen Simon

4 years ago, a mere 1% of the EE Journal audience came from social media. But we saw the potential when the other engineering publications were arguing that engineers don’t use social media.

Contrary to the actions of other media groups focused on the tech sector, the EE Journal team invested heavily in developing strong social channels and increasing related staffing. The results of these efforts confirmed our belief - engineers are people too.  Read More


Demand Generation vs Lead Generation

A Revolution in Content Marketing

by Kevin Morris

Many marketing teams we work with these days are abandoning the mandate for “Lead Generation” in favor of “Demand Generation.” But are we just debating terminology? Is this simply a semantic difference? Aren’t “Demand Generation” and “Lead Generation” fundamentally trying to accomplish the same thing, using the same methods?

The answer is an emphatic, “No!”  Read More


Dramatically Increase Your White Paper Engagement

How to Get the Most Out of Your PaperBoost Program

by Karen Simon

There is nothing worse than spending time, energy, and budget on your content marketing program only to receive crickets chirping in response to your efforts. That is why EE Journal created the “Boost” programs.

EE Journal’s Boost products take full advantage of our 13 years of building a massive engineering audience to drive a maximum amount of engagement to your white papers, videos, and blog content. But there are some tricks to getting the most out of your “boost.”  Read More


Will Your Marketing Plan Win the World Series?

How to Hit a Home Run With Your Strategy

by Karen Simon

Tonight is Game 7 of the 112th World Series. These teams play 162 regular-season games, a best-of-five Division Series, and a best-of-seven League Series, all of which culminate in this moment - Game 7 of the World Series. As I break into the kids’ Halloween candy, I can’t help but think of all of the tactics that were successfully implemented for these teams to make it to the pinnacle of this year’s Fall Classic.

Marketing campaigns also require a series of wins in order to achieve success over the competition. What are the components of a successful game plan? Here are a few analogies that come to mind.  Read More


Bad Ads Masquerading as Marketing Campaigns

What to do Instead

by Karen Simon

It’s Halloween week, and the spooks are out in full force.

You know the ones I’m talking about - those annoying pop-up ads masquerading as marketing campaigns. It’s enough to scare anyone away from the article they were attempting to read.

Is it just my experience, or has annoyance advertising become more prevalent lately?  Read More

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