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The Media Mafia

Only You Can Stop the Bullying

by Karen Simon

I have been hearing from my customers lately about a disturbing trend. There is a deplorable practice being conducted by what I can only refer to as “The Media Mafia.”

Last week, while I was meeting with customers at the annual Design Automation Conference (DAC), I was told by more that one of my contacts that they make sure to reserve some of their marketing budget for certain publications, out of fear of what the editors from these publications will write about their product if they do not “pay up”…er, I mean, purchase a program.  Read More

Arrow Electronics Purchases EE Times

Is This a Win for You?

by Karen Simon

We have mixed emotions this week at EE Journal. On one hand, we are fierce competitors, and several of our biggest rivals in the electronics trade press have fallen on hard times. Business-wise, this is a good thing, right?

On the other hand, we are members of the electronics trade press, and that is a community that we feel has supplied an important service to the electronics industry for decades. Seeing so many in our industry struggle to survive is a sobering and sad experience.  Read More

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Digital Marketing Solutions, EE Journal