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Combining the best of traditional journalism with the power of new media distribution, Techfocus Media re-invented the trade press - without the press.

Techfocus Media's EEJournal delivers unique engineer-to-engineer insight that has attracted a large and loyal audience of engineering professionals. Our original content is delivered to that audience when, where, and how they want it - whether they prefer web, e-mail, mobile, or one of the many emerging social media channels.

When it comes to delivering your message to the decision makers, and connecting you directly with them exactly when they're about to make a purchase decision, Techfocus Media's Advertising and Content Marketing products give industry-leading results and value. 


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Watch this column for the latest tricks, tips, and trends for marketing to engineers.

karen_polaroid.pngThe EE Journal Marketing Insider is a new feature of EE Journal - designed specifically for high-tech marketers. We at EE Journal have more than a decade of experience working with dozens of companies on hundreds of online marketing campaigns - all targeting the engineering community.  

During those ten years, we have gained significant insight into what makes a successful marketing program in the engineering world, and we want to share that knowledge with you. Watch this space for regular articles that will help you kick your marketing programs into high gear, and sign up for our Insider email newsletter that will bring you the latest each month.

-- Karen Simon, Director of Digital Marketing Solutions
and Business Development

Press Releases

They’re Not Just For the Press Any More

by Karen Simon

Pre-1995, a press release was the primary source for getting new information out to the industry. Your PR pro would summarize the latest announcement, provide it to their media contacts, and voila! Your announcement was now written about and printed for all to read.

But the times, they are a changein…with the internet revolution; people are now reading releases directly from the source, unfiltered and untranslated by the press. A perfect example of this is on the front page of EEJounarl.com - right under the exciting new article of the day. The section called ”Industry News” consists of the latest and greatest announcements, available for all to see…even if they are not members of the press.

David Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR suggests that perhaps a better word for this practice would be “News Release.” He has several ideas to consider when writing a News Release…  Read More


Not A Conversation

by Kevin Morris

A lot of media “experts” will tell you that content marketing - and even advertising - are about having a “conversation” with your audience. “Conversation” is certainly one of the biggest buzzwords right now in the field of customer engagement.

But, it’s important to recognize a gigantic difference in the market where we all play - the very specialized field of professional engineers.  Read More


Beware of the Spaghetti Strategy

Choose a Content Plan That Will Stick

by Karen Simon

Imagine this scenario, if you will: you are finally provided the opportunity to present your company to a worldwide audience of millions, many of whom are your target market. Do you…

A. Get together your top marketing messengers and carefully craft your message B. Analyze your competition and ensure that your story is more compelling C. Wing it and see what happens  Read More


Minding Mad Men

Don’t Forget that Concept Matters

by Kevin Morris

In the old days of advertising (you know - the “Mad Men” days), companies put a lot of effort into their branding, messaging, and ad copy. Large high-powered creative firms burned through enormous sums - just trying to come up with the perfect concept for that full-page print ad, the copy for that radio spot, or the visual look and feel of that TV commercial. In those days, we understood that the concept of our campaign was the single biggest factor in driving engagement.

Successful marketers spent untold hours reviewing and re-reviewing ad copy, calls-to-action, messaging, look and feel, color and style… every element of the advertising campaign was considered, reviewed, edited, re-worked, and re-tested. Before a campaign went live there had been an exhaustive and expensive process - aimed at getting the ad Just Right.

Then the Internet turned the world upside down.  Read More

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