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Watch this column for the latest tricks, tips, and trends for marketing to engineers.

karen_polaroid.pngThe EE Journal Marketing Insider is a new feature of EE Journal - designed specifically for high-tech marketers. We at EE Journal have more than a decade of experience working with dozens of companies on hundreds of online marketing campaigns - all targeting the engineering community.  

During those ten years, we have gained significant insight into what makes a successful marketing program in the engineering world, and we want to share that knowledge with you. Watch this space for regular articles that will help you kick your marketing programs into high gear, and sign up for our Insider email newsletter that will bring you the latest each month.

-- Karen Simon, Director of Digital Marketing Solutions
and Business Development

Calling All Calls-To-Action

by Karen Simon

A few weeks ago, Kevin Morris discussed the secrets to achieving an impactful click-thru-rate (CTR). In his Marketing Insider article “Click-Thru-Wrong,” he mentioned that a good call-to-action could have the biggest impact on a company’s click-thru-rate.

But not all calls-to-action are created equal.

What exactly are the components of an effective call-to-action?

And what exactly is a “call-to-action” in the first place?

This week’s Marketing Insider article will shed some light on this…  Read More


New Media Requires New Measurement

by Karen Simon

The days when the marketing team generates leads and the sales team follows up are long over. These days sales and marketing must cooperate throughout the entire sales process. In fact, I am finding many companies actually merging the functions. Just last week a major electronics distributor cleaned house of their 15-year marketing leadership and turned the reigns over to the VP of Sales.

As a long-term technical sales person gone channel marketing, to now heading up sales “slash” marketing at EE Journal, here is the advice I have to offer in regards to measuring marketing success in the digital era…  Read More



Understanding and Transcending the Venerable CTR

by Kevin Morris

“What’s my Click-thru rate?”

“How does our CTR compare with your other advertisers?”

“What can we do to improve our CTR?”

We get these questions all the time from customers using our “Targeted Sponsorship” display/banner advertising programs on EEJournal.com and in our email newsletters.  Read More


Video and the Digital C-Suite

by Karen Simon

Following up on last weeks Marketing Insider post regarding the Forbes Insights/ Google study that debunks the myth that executives don’t use the internet as much as the rest of us, Who Says Executives Don’t Use the Internet?, there is another interesting study I’d like to share regarding the C-Suites behavior towards video called Video in the C-Suite.

This study surveyed more than 300 C-level and senior executives at large U.S. companies ($500 million-plus in annual revenues) to learn more about how they are approaching Web video as a source of business-related information. The findings showed that, although text is the preferred format, executives appear to take action based on viewing video as much as they do from reading an article. As was the case with last week’s article, younger executives are taking the lead, not only in viewing video, but also in creating and sharing it. Here are some of the most interesting findings…  Read More

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