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Is Your Quest for Leads Costing You Sales?

by Karen Simon

As the editor of a content marketing blog, I consume a lot of content.

Every day I read several e-newsletters, check out the latest e-book offering in my in-box, and then do my own Internet research on the topic of the week that I plan to write about.

Even though I read and download a lot of Internet content - I have to admit, I rarely provide my work email when requested. I just don’t like to slog through unsolicited and irrelevant emails when I’m working.  Read More

How To Increase Your Audience and Engagement with Content Syndication

by Karen Simon

You have done a great job creating the content. The white paper, video, and blog are complete. Everything is posted.

And now you wait for the audience numbers to grow… but they remain the same.

You add a social media site or two. Maybe repurpose some of your content into a newsletter.

But nothing happens. The audience numbers are not budging. What’s a marketer to do?  Read More

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Karen Simon
Digital Marketing Solutions, EE Journal