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Click-Through Rates

Only Part of the Story

by Karen Simon

I am often asked the question “How does EE Journal’s display advertising compare to the average click-through rate (CTR) for display advertising in the technology industry?”

The answer to this question is always tricky, because I don't find CTR to be a very good measure of display advertising success. Display advertising is best used for awareness campaigns. Clear, memorable messages don't typically require a “click” to effectively result in awareness.  Read More

Do Engineers Use Social Media?

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

by Karen Simon

4 years ago, a mere 1% of the EE Journal audience came from social media. But we saw the potential when the other engineering publications were arguing that engineers don’t use social media.

Contrary to the actions of other media groups focused on the tech sector, the EE Journal team invested heavily in developing strong social channels and increasing related staffing. The results of these efforts confirmed our belief - engineers are people too.  Read More

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Karen Simon
Digital Marketing Solutions, EE Journal