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Watch this column for the latest tricks, tips, and trends for marketing to engineers.

karen_polaroid.pngThe EE Journal Marketing Insider is a new feature of EE Journal - designed specifically for high-tech marketers. We at EE Journal have more than a decade of experience working with dozens of companies on hundreds of online marketing campaigns - all targeting the engineering community.  

During those ten years, we have gained significant insight into what makes a successful marketing program in the engineering world, and we want to share that knowledge with you. Watch this space for regular articles that will help you kick your marketing programs into high gear, and sign up for our Insider email newsletter that will bring you the latest each month.

-- Karen Simon, Director of Digital Marketing Solutions
and Business Development

Expo Observations from EELive

by Karen Simon

The EE Journal team is back from the 2014 EELive Conference and Expo in San Jose with some interesting observations for the technical marketer.

This once huge Embedded Systems event that could be housed only at the San Francisco Moscone Conference Center seems to be joining the shrinking trend of many other electrical engineering conferences. On the morning of opening day, it was hard to find anyone on the expo floor without an exhibitor’s badge. But then we found them...all in the line for a giveaway. There were some great giveaways. In fact, our own social media manager won a Nintendo Wii U.

While it might have been hard to find the attendees walking the aisle of the expo floor, they could be found in the glass fish-bowl training rooms on the expo floor. Several companies including Intel sponsored training sessions in these “see all” spaces in their booths. Read More


Lessons Learned

PR and Journalism

by Nanette Collins

Sometimes the past sneaks up on you when you least expect it. That’s what happened to me one recent Saturday night. My husband and I were seated at a booth in a restaurant waiting for friends when I glanced up and did a double take. I saw a man who looked like someone from my college days. While I thought it was him, I couldn’t be sure. After all, that was years ago and, coincidently, I’d been thinking about him a few weeks earlier. (More on that later.)

His wife, who was also a classmate, walked in a few minutes later, greeting everyone in their party and I knew it was him and her. Everything about her was the same –– her voice, hairstyle and mannerisms.

Seeing them both took me back to college, to the Journalism Department where we were studying to be reporters, and to an incident in the school’s newspaper office. I was active in the college chapter of an international journalism society and was tasked with getting speakers to come to the campus. I persuaded a few working journalists, mostly from print publications, to talk to us about their work and careers.  Read More


Don't Be A Square

Get Circled!

by Karen Simon

In last week’s EE Journal Insider, I discussed how to set up your Google+ profile

Circles are the unique way that Google+ allows you to categorize whom you follow and who is following you. You can segment your Circles any way you like and then send out messages specifically to that group. For example you could have Circles for customers, for prospects, and for partners. You could create Circles for specific industries and/or companies. Thought leaders and influencers could have their own Circles, all of which would receive their own content and type of interactions from you. You can even start a Google Hangout with your different Circles. Hangouts is the conference call and video sharing feature for Google+. Hangouts also has a “Hangouts on Air” feature that allows you to broadcast live to an audience on YouTube.  Read More


A Winning Google+ Page

by Karen Simon

Last month on the EE Journal Marketing Insider, I discussed the virtues of Google+ for the technical marketer. Google+ boasts well over 540 million active users, and the demographics for those targeting the engineering community line up really well. It also doesn’t hurt that Google+ seems to be the glue that holds the Google products together. If your goal is to increase visibility of your content on a Google search, then there is no better way than to encourage comments, shares, and +1’s on your Google+ account.

So, if you have determined that adding Google+ to your marketing strategy is for you, then here are a few things to keep in mind as you set up your pages. Read More

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