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How to Attract Readers to Your Blog

Lessons Learned from EE Journal’s BlogBoost

by Karen Simon

It’s 2016, and by this time, most successful companies have recognized the importance of publishing high-quality blogs. Blogging is a great way to regularly touch your prospects and educate them on your product positioning and your company’s core strengths. It is important to build a long-term, trusting relationship so when the time is right for a purchase, there is a comfort level established that your brand is credible and capable of handling their business.

But not all blogs are created equal. Since the launch of EE Journal’s BlogBoost  product last year, I have noticed some factors that can significantly impact the engagement that blogs receive.  Read More

The Benefit of a Third Party Referral

Five Steps to Build Credibility with Your Audience

by Karen Simon

I am currently the happy recipient of several introductions from my satisfied customers to their contacts. It is times like these that I am reminded that there is nothing like a third-party referral for that added touch of relationship-building and credibility.

After an introduction has been made, I am far more likely to receive a returned email or phone call because those initial trust barriers have been removed. If my customer has experienced great results from my products, it is believed that my products will be a good fit for their contacts as well. Starting with these assumptions makes my role as a sales person much easier.

But what about those times when my customers forget to spread the good word about how fabulous my products are?  Read More

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Karen Simon
Digital Marketing Solutions, EE Journal