After Intel and Altera

Intel will use it's sales force to get FPGAs into places that Altera never sold into before. While Intel loves margins they can take lower margins with strategic accounts that Xilinx won't be able to match. Also Intel makes boards. Altera and Xilinx only …



I'll see if I can get a more detailed response out of Imec. I suspect the qualification is with "just like Al" - that it can be etched just like Al can be etched, but they're doing something different that they're not disclosing.


2D or Not 2D

Since this was finished there has been news of the world's thinnest light bulb, using graphene, and Stanford has announced that coating copper interconnect on ICs with graphene has two benefits: speed increases and the isolation layer is dramatically thin…


The Laws of Automotive Robotics

It may seem pedantic, but it is important to remember that you cannot qualify components (ICs or their contributory IP) to 26262 ASIL levels. All you can say is that the way in which the component was developed makes it suitable for use in a system that w…


Golgi and the IoT

What's your opinion? Is connectivity of the complex sort that Golgi provides enough to call IoT? Or do you need more?


Altera Stratix 10

@WEATHERBEE, Yes, Zynq UltraScale+ has ARM processors. Virtex UltraScale+ does not. So Xilinx's high-end FPGAs do not have integrated ARM processors.

Zynq tops out at around 900K LUT equivalents and 24 SerDes transceivers - so not a "high-end FPGA" com…

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