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zGlue Emerges from Stealth Mode to Launch Company, Technology

zGlue and BOE to Jointly Drive Innovations Speeding IoT Product Design and Manufacture

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF., August 2, 2017 — After two highly successful years of technology and product development and working with lead customers, Internet of Things (IoT)-focused startup zGlue, Inc. today officially launched. Delivering the first major breakthrough in chip and system design for the IoT era, zGlue is pioneering a new category of semiconductor/software-as-a-service (SaaS) company. By providing access to industry-standard IoT building blocks for design and manufacture of innovative IoT products, the company provides 10X better integration than traditional systems-on-chip (SoCs), lower cost, greater system flexibility, minimal risk and dramatically faster time to market.

zGlue further announced that BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., an IoT company providing intelligent interface products and services for information interaction and human health, is on board as a customer, an investor and an ecosystem partner to help speed design and manufacture of innovative IoT products. To support the vital Greater China customer base and this key partnership, zGlue is opening an office in Shanghai later this month.

“BOE follows ‘In-depth cooperation, collaborative development, value co-creation’ concept when dealing with business cooperation,” stated Yao Xiangjun, CEO of the Smart System Business Group at BOE. “We view zGlue’s unique technology is developed to help simplify the application design of IoT devices, which we think is of high market value. BOE also expects the future products to closely cooperate with zGlue in products and technologies, and we hope to rapidly introduce highly-integrated IoT products.”

Ming Zhang, zGlue co-founder and CEO, noted, “Our vision is to enable the next generation of innovative IoT products by accelerating product development and helping customers quickly bring differentiated products to market – both for the high-growth consumer and the high-volume industrial markets. Working with BOE, a recognized world leader in the IoT space, will help us ramp this vision into a reality even more quickly. Together, BOE and zGlue can help realize the promise of the trillion-dollar IoT market.”

zGlue’s portfolio of engineering and design solutions includes zCad™ software, ZiP™ integration platform, zGlue Smart Fabric™ interposer, and the zGlue ZiPlet Store™. Developers can visit the ZiPlet Store to select and configure the features they need from chiplets – proven silicon implementations provided by existing trusted vendors – and zGlue automatically generates validated options for their market-specific ZiP implementation on the zGlue Smart Fabric. The unique zGlue ZIP design automatically generates both hardware and software development environments, enabling product teams to immediately begin validating the fit and function within the context of their designs. As a result, products can now go from idea to design to functional prototypes in a matter of days, and from prototypes to high volume production in a few weeks, without sacrificing differentiation, integration or cost effectiveness.

About zGlue

Founded in 2014 by industry veterans with diverse technology backgrounds covering every aspect of semiconductor systems and design, zGlue makes building complex semiconductor products fast, easy and fun. Its IoT platform allows chips to be fully customized, eliminating the difficulties, high costs, long time to design and scale up, and risks associated with traditional semiconductor design. As the IoT market continues to grow at a breakneck pace, traditional monolithic SoC integration cannot meet the intense time-to-market and cost demands. zGlue tackles these challenges with its proprietary 3D-IC-based F.A.S.T. (form factor, adaptability, scalability and time to market) technology platform, manufacturing partners and chiplet ecosystem. The company’s innovative approach to speeding product development for both the high-growth consumer and high-volume Industrial IoT markets delivers an order-of-magnitude improvement in miniaturization, affordability, flexibility and scalability of custom IoT devices. More information can be found at

About BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.

BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., founded in April 1993, is an IoT company providing intelligent interface products and services for information interaction and human health. BOE’s three core businesses are Display and Sensor Devices, Smart Systems and Healthcare Services. BOE’s products are widely used in a broad spectrum of applications such as mobile phone, tablet, notebook, monitor, TV, vehicle display, digital information display, healthcare, finance, and wearable devices. 

In 2016, BOE’s yearly new-patent applications amounted to 7570, 80% of which are invention patents. In the first half of 2017, BOE’s new-patent applications exceeded 4,000. In total, BOE has over 55,000 usable patents, ranking among the top of the industry. According to the market data at the first half of 2017, BOE’s global market share of TFT-LCD panels for mobile phone, tablet and notebook ranks No.1, panels for monitor and panels for TV ranks No.2.

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