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Virtual Power Systems Fortifies Industry Leadership in Software Defined Power with Launch of First Commercial, UL-Certified ICE Block Solution

VPS’ Intelligent Control of Energy (ICE) technology Fuels CUI’s ICE Block to Deliver the Industry’s First Software Defined Power Enabled Lithium-Ion Battery Appliance

Milpitas, Calif. – March 12, 2018 – Virtual Power Systems, creators of Software Defined Power® (SDP), today announced the commercial availability of the world’s first comprehensive SDP platform. The ICE Block from CUI Inc is the first UL-certified, lithium-ion battery appliance based on VPS’ patented reference architecture, and represents the final component of VPS’ and the industry’s first Software Defined Power (SDP) platform.

VPS’ SDP is a software-based power control platform that utilizes machine learning and big data analytics to unlock trapped and underutilized power in the datacenter. This highly innovative solution drives aggressive vertical and rack-powered density, enabling 2:1 rack consolidation. The ability to halt rack sprawl through consolidation while increasing power density can slash the annual cost of a production IT rack by more than half. VPS’ ICE software also enablesdynamic power tiering, source sharing of power, as well as power sharing across nodes.

“Cost-efficient power distribution and utilization are the biggest constraints facing datacenter scalability today,” said Karimulla Shaikh, CTO of Virtual Power Systems. “With SDP, we’re solving the problems that matter most while enabling the next generation of datacenter and cloud architecture. Through our partnership with CUI, we now have brought to market the industry’s first UL-certified, SDP-enabled lithium-ion appliance to meet escalating customer demand for improved power utilization.”

This milestone puts VPS on the path to offer datacenter operators the ability to capture the total value of SDP. Commercially available hardware appliances from a growing ecosystem and VPS’ ICE software provide the essential componentsto deploy SDP.  As VPS solutions and SDP reach mainstream market adoption, VPS’ product roadmap will enable the federation of power dynamics across global clouds, including remote datacenter operations, automation, inter-datacenter machine learning and power/workload orchestration.

“Achieving UL 9540 certification was no small feat, especially since it was the first test of the integrated ICE Block with lithium-ion battery technology,” said Mark Adams, SVP of CUI. “We completed a lengthy and rigorous process to ensure the complete safety of the combined hardware-software solution in the most demanding datacenter environments in the world.” 


Commercially available now, CUI’s ICE Block joins a growing ecosystem of solutions, encompassing VPS’ Software Defined Power and ICE technology to help datacenter operators and providers dramatically increase both rack power density and IT workloads. Existing pilot projects have revealed that SDP and ICE can more than double IT workloads within existing datacenter footprints while dramatically reducing cost and doubling revenue potential.

Both CUI and VPS will showcase ICE Block, as well as the ICE Switch, at the Sanmina booth (#519) at Datacenter World, being held March 12-15 in San Antonio.

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 About Virtual Power Systems

Virtual Power Systems (VPS) is transforming how next-generation datacenter and cloud providers provision, manage and utilize power capacity with its ground-breaking Software Defined Power® and Intelligent Control of Energy® (ICE) technology platform. VPS eliminates the need to over-provision power as ICE dynamically adjusts power delivery as demand fluctuates across data-center workloads, servers, and racks. ICE enables datacenter and cloud providers to generate significant additional revenue within existing power and IT footprints while avoiding millions of dollars in capital expenditures and operating expenses. Additionally, VPS empowers enterprise customers to reduce power infrastructure wait times and costs. To accelerate market adoption, VPS is developing a robust partner ecosystem, which includes Artesyn Technologies, HP Enterprise, Intel, Lenovo, Schneider Electric and Vertiv.

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