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Percepio Tracealyzer supports Amazon Web Service’s IoT Microcontroller Operating System Amazon FreeRTOS at launch

Västerås, Sweden, 29th November 2017   * * *   Tracealyzer, Percepio’s runtime visualization tool for developers of embedded and Internet-of-Things (IoT) software today announced its support for the newly announced IoT Microcontroller Operating System, Amazon FreeRTOS on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Amazon FreeRTOS, launched today at AWS re:Invent 2017 in Las Vegas, providing tools you need to quickly and easily deploy a microcontroller-based connected device and develop an IoT application without having to worry about the complexity of scaling across millions of devices. Once connected, IoT device applications can take advantage of all of the capabilities the cloud has to offer or continue processing data locally with AWS Greengrass.

Tracealyzer’s advanced visualization features allows developers to identify and solve runtime issues with their application code which otherwise could stall a development project, delaying releases. Using Tracealyzer’s suite of capabilities developers and enterprises can ensure their production code is executing as intended, decreasing costly post-production problems for customers.

“Runtime visualization is a powerful tool for the embedded developer. Tracealyzer’s support for Amazon FreeRTOS gives embedded and IoT developers enhanced insight into how their applications are executing” said Barry Russell, General Manager of Worldwide Business Development, AWS Marketplace and Service Catalog, Amazon Web Services, Inc.  “This is valuable information, helping them achieve new innovations for their IoT devices to market faster and with fewer bugs.”

“Tracealyzer has been the premier analysis tool for developers of FreeRTOS-based applications since 2012. With our new support for Amazon FreeRTOS and our collaboration with AWS, we bring runtime visualization to a wider group of AWS IoT embedded developers,” says Johan Kraft, CEO/Founder at Percepio.

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