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New base board for the D.Module2 family

The D2.Base.P provides new features to support developers using D.Modules for their applications.

To provide a quicker start into the development with DSP computer modules D.SignT launched the new base board DE.Base.P. It has been expanded with Digilent Pmod™ compatible SPI, GPIO and I²C connectors, though offering a straightforward and cost-efficient expansion path to add keyboards, displays and various sensors. An SD-card slot for mass storage is added.

Also included is an onboard +/-5V supply for analog daughter cards. Due to this all plugged analog and digital modules can be supplied from only a single 3,3V power supply.

Thanks to the optional VG 96 header the board can not only be used as starter system, but also in a rack.

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About D.SignT:

Founded in 1998, the German DSP specialist D.SignT develops and manufactures components for real-time processing in embedded systems. These products are used in a variety of applications: material inspection, measurement devices and sophisticated control systems – whenever high computing power at limited space is required.  

About Kane Computing

KCL ( has been providing Image Processing, DSP and high performance computing products for use in industry, education and research since 1987 and is a Texas Instruments Third Party Partner specialising in consultancy and advice on TI development tools/platforms and image processing applications. KCL have extensive knowledge and experience of providing video compression solutions for many industries particularly for digital video security and high quality broadcast applications.

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