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How Developers of Embedded Systems Secure Data Integrity in a GDPR Age

Integral Memory calls for clarity in security certifications at major international event

UK Memory and Storage manufacturer Integral Memory will use their first appearance at Embedded World International Trade Fair at Nuremberg (27 February – 1 March) to answer the key security issues facing system developers on the eve of GDPR. The leading producer of hardware encrypted SSDs and industrial embedded memory cards and solid state drives will provide a unique insight into the security standards available to developers, to ensure that their embedded systems meet new security regulations that will be enforced from May 2018.

Potentially serious and financially punitive repercussions arising from any data breaches are focussing client companies and end users on the need for system security. Encrypted storage is central to the measures needed to maintain data integrity. However, developers are faced with a confusing ‘forest of certifications’ when required to validate the level of data protection provided by the storage drives within their embedded systems. System builders are required to navigate an array of security standards including CESG, Common Criteria, Opal 2.0 and FIPS, as well as an array of additional regional certifications. Integral Memory aims to provide clarity to this choice, both by speaking at the major international conference and from their stand with the exhibition.  

“GDPR has brought the issue of data security into sharp focus,” comments Patrick Warley, Global Head of R&D at Integral Memory. “System builders need to choose the highest level of storage security to ensure that their clients are not exposed to the sanctions contained in the new pan-European legislation.”  

In offering guidance on this vital aspect of system development, Integral will explain the security measures and certifications behind their Crypto range of 256-bit AES hardware encrypted drives. The Crypto SSD has been regarded by system developers to be the ultimate line of defence and all models carry highly-regarded FIPS 140-2 certification. Importantly, the technology is bios independent making it the only FIPS certified SSD available on the market that utilises its own program to activate and manage the encryption and enforce usernames and passwords.

Since its inception, the Crypto range has been trusted by rapidly growing customer base across both private and public sectors worldwide. Naturally, national government security services feature heavily among Integral’s users. Regional government, multi-national corporates and major management consultancies are also large-scale users of Crypto SSD.

About Integral

Integral Memory is one of the leading producers of memory and storage products including; Hardware Encrypted Solid State Drives (SSD) and USB Flash Drives, industrial embedded Memory Cards and SSDs. It’s varied offering of memory products as well as their dedication to rigorous testing and R&D has made it a trusted brand in a wide array of private and public sector organisations.

Integral’s SSDs come in a variety of formats to provide the right solution for many embedded applications. M.2 and mSATA SSDs and CFast memory cards offer the advantages of solid-state memory in small form factor systems while new PCI-E based NVMe drives break through the limitations of the ubiquitous SATA III format to reach blistering speeds up to 2900MB/s.

Integral provides memory solutions that range from legacy 2GB microSD and SD cards up to massive 8TB Solid State Drives, engineered for big data applications in busy server rooms. Integral’s memory expertise has allowed it to offer specialist solutions such as SD and microSD cards specifically engineered for automotive and video surveillance applications.

As microSD cards continue to become more popular as an integral part of embedded computing devices such as Raspberry Pi, as well as a growing plethora of industrial and consumer electronics, Integral will work consistently to produce the right cards for every use.

Integral’s passion is to offer the latest memory products built on quality, reliability and great prices.

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